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Horizon Plans To Offer Internet Service After ICO

In the month of June 2018, Horizon Communications plans to begin offering fixed wireless internet services in Bermuda and the British Virgin Isles (BVI). The company describes itself as the world’s first telecoms company to be powered by the Ethereum Blockchain technology.

Horizon To Launch High-Speed Fixed Wireless Internet

It aims to launch the high-speed internet services together with a voice over IP (VOIP) and IPTV services in Bermuda Country before expanding to the Caribbean beginning about June 2018.

Gilbert A. Darrell, the Founder, and CEO of Horizons Telecommunications has been working on the Horizon project for over a year now. He has 17 years of experience in the vast information technology and telecommunications.

Mr. Darrell has spent 2017 forming the company by working on both the technical aspects and building the right team to take the company forward. He plans to bring this advanced technology to Bermuda Country with a carefully chosen team with decades of experience in building and running telecoms companies in Bermuda and other regions.

Cryptocurrency Crowdsale
Horizon is a first on many fronts, including internationally offering a cryptocurrency crowdsale, also known as an ICO. This allows people in Bermuda and international markets to be a part of the success of Horizon Telecommunications.

The company plans to hold regular in-person seminars, and these will be announced through the social media and international media outlets. This will let many people learn about Horizon, its services as well as how to partake of the crowd sale. The cryptocurrency ICO crowdsale was scheduled to start on the 22nd January 2018.

Soft Cap of $3m USD

According to the company’s whitepaper, Horizon’s soft cap is valued at over $3 million USD or approx. 3,500 Ethereum (ETH). The white paper continues to say that while they will use Ethereum and the ERC20 standard for the HRZN (Horizon) token and Smart Contracts. It is the company’s belief that any top cryptocurrency should be able to take part in crowdsael.

This will allow anyone with Bitcoin, Monero, Litecoin, Vertcoin, or Bitcoin Cash to participate without restrictions as well as using solutions such as Shape-shift to convert different cryptocurrencies into ETH.

Interested participants are required to send the equivalent of one ETH in the alternative cryptocurrency of choice. Follow this by emailing Horizon to verify the deposit in the designated wallets and having an ERC20 wallet address so they can deposit the HRZN tokens.

Gilbert Darrell: Aim To Bring Cutting Edge Speed Internet

Mr. Darrell has noted the lackluster performance of internet in Bermuda, a prosperous and internationally recognized business center. The internet standards are not to the expected standard hence his plan to bring the innovative speeds.

Horizon will quickly and efficiently address these challenges through the cutting edge internet speeds. This will cut reliance on hundreds of miles of cable that easily are damaged and requires high maintenance.

After years of promises to make things better for the market, Horizon is finally here to address the situation with the latest technology. With 300mbps, this will be the fastest internet service ever experienced in these parts.
The situation throughout the Caribbean and Central America, Horizon’s target markets in the next few years, have very similar issues. Internet is unrealiable, slow and expensive for lackluster service. Mr. Darrell believe these are strong markets for the service Horizon provides.

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