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bytecoin Introduction

In 2012, the extensive source codes for ByteCoin were released publicly, allowing the birth of this unique and secure cryptocurrency.

For those that wish to transact business across town or across the world, and avoid the inherent difficulties of national fiat currencies, it is the ultimate solution.

This program is so secure, and so unique, that the source codes are plainly available to the public. The secret of the security lies in the complicated structure of the transaction. It takes several computers, each dis-associated with the other, around the globe to create a ByteCoin transaction.

Blocks of data are built between these computers, each not having access to the others data. Once the completed block is created by a final computer, the transaction is determined to be genuine and secure; and the transaction is funded.

While all this is quite complicated to the average layman, it assures a secure system where no funds are put at risk, and all transactions are properly funded.

For those seeking an Enterprise solution to their international sales, ByteCoin might well be the perfect solution to that need as well. ByteCoins structure allows vast amounts of transactions to occur, at very high volumes, without any collapse in functionality.

The network of computers around the globe assure a constant supply of generating power for each transaction.

Currently in use by many Fortune 500 companies, even BTCurrencies recommends strongly that you buy ByteCoin.

If your needs are for a robust and secure cryptocurrency solution, we invite you to test ByteCoin today.

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Bytecoin (BCN) introduction
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