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Cryptopia Review


Cryptopia gives people an innovative and reliable way of selling and purchasing goods and services to anyone in any place of the world in exchange for crypto currency. The company is one of the best and fast trading systems in the marketplace. It was established in July 2014 in New Zealand (Christchurch) and today is considered to be one of the most successful trading online platforms internationally.The company offers a wide variety of services to its users, whether individuals or businesses, by providing them the following features.

Easy & Simple to Use

It provides a very friendly interface for its users; even for the beginners. For example, newbies can start using this platform in a very little time, by just filling one small registration form and they can have access to all the services within a minute. Moreover, it offers its users also a number of comprehensive mining solutions, that can be used by anyone, as well as seasoned veterans of the business.The Cryptopia exchange gives the opportunity to its users to convert between a number of different digital currencies in a simple and fast way.

Exchange Items for Free

The users can exchange items, physical or digital ones, without any cost any time they like. If they wish, they can also set up an auction, where they can start turning their crypto currency into real items and services. It’s really a very powerful ‘tool’, where the users can find their way in the crypto market very interesting.

Mining & Coins

Cryptopia has its own coin (DOT Coin) and it also has several trading pairs, such as ZEIT/US and ZEIT/Euro. Users can mine coins on scrypt, x11, x13, Quark, Qubit, Neoscrypt and other algorithms. All mined coins are credited to the wallet of the users when the required number of confirmations has been validated. In addition, users need to remember that each coin has a number of time windows attached. Cryptopia encourages all kinds of mining; from single CPU and GPU to ASIC. Once the users are looking the markets, they have to search for their specific currency pair. If they wish to save more time, they can also make use of the search box and then they need to click the specific pair. The procedure is quite simple and the site just charges a 0,2% fell on any movements.

Rewards & Lotteries

This online trading platform offers a number of daily and monthly lotteries to its users, where they can win various prizes. Moreover, it offers them a rewards bot, that rewards them for using this particular online platform. For instance, if they perform an action during a specific time window, they can receive a reward. The first action can actually bring them a reward for that specific coin. For example, DOT might trigger a 1% reward ten times within one day. Some of these actions include also finding blocks, voting, chatting, trading or inserting mining shares, but the most common and great rewards are for trades.

Cryptopia promises a secure and easy decentralized money system for its users. It’s a great exchange online system for traders who like to put great value into social interaction and trading.

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