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Crypterium (CRPT)

Crypterium (CRPT)

CrypteriumAre you aware that in the next 8 years or so, the cryptocurrency economy will be worth more than USD 10 trillion? The link between future daily life and the decentralized economy is going to be cryptobanks. This is because they’ll expand the infrastructure of payments, enhance possibilities, significantly lower interest rates and also create absolutely new scenarios of cryptocurrency payments. However, you don’t need to wait for the 8 years. There’s a cryptobank that is already causing ripples in the industry. Crypterium is the exceptional cryptobank that is making the future today.

The objective of Crypterium is to create an absolute vertically integrated cryptocurrency service that includes the greatest ideas sourced from the whole community of the most talented blockchain enthusiasts in the world.

Cypterium’s technological platform is primarily based on algorithms which make sure that there’s efficient and effective matching of bid offers across ordinary peer to peer (P2P) flow and 3rd party crypto markets.

Historical transactions are all recorded in a special data warehouse. The dedicated warehouse constantly examines the data to augment risk management and also identify predictive actions. Consequently, it enables Crypterium to maximize the process of cryptocurrency exchange and inform clients on probable payment techniques. The system may, for instance, highlight varied payment combinations depending on the latest valuations of crypto-currencies. Essentially, everything is done to make sure that clients get satisfied.

Mobile cryptobank

The cryptobank instantly processes payments with absolutely no limits in 42 million stores. Additionally, it has attractive cash-back offers for holders of tokens and loyalty programs for each transaction. It allows you to make contactless payments through NFC, AndroidPay, QR as well as ApplePay.

Cryptocurrency acquisition

Crypterium offers a wide range of solutions for every aspect of retail services and retail trade. You can use it to integrate with Point-Of-Sale (POS) software and process crypto to fiat transactions as well.

Open API platform

There is an AppStore where you can download a wide range of retail solutions and software. It has a special decentralized server infrastructure and also allows integration with third party platforms.

Blockchain based loans

You can apply and secure loans from any part of the world. There’s a mix of smart contracts and latest scoring systems. In addition to those, it provides a unified exchange for minimizing risks and maximizing liquidity.

If you have been looking for a contactless cryptobank, then you should look no further. Use your smartphone to process payments, instant loans, transfers and even exchange cryptocurrencies.

The cryptobank imposes no ceiling on transaction volumes. Additionally, there’s no need to exchange currencies given that it instantly offers payments in the form of cryptocurrencies or fiat money.

It is integrated with PayPal, PayTM, Gyft, Alipay and WeChat.

Crypterium is causing lots of excitement in the crypto economy. Don’t be left out-try it today.

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