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XinFin (XDCE)

XinFin, a Singapore based Blockchain Technology Company, is working in Business Process Efficiency improvement space and has implemented Blockchain solutions for global trade and finance. XinFin’s TradeFinex marketplace is powered by their XDC Protocol and supports peer-to-peer trading and finance smart contracts between governments, beneficiaries, financiers, investors and suppliers. TradeFinex

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The potential of the future of gaming when blockchain is integrated in the gaming industry is exciting in numerous ways. LIX Platform reimagines a more transparent and inclusive gaming economy. Firstly, our decentralized crowdfunding platform will bring the much-needed realization of many people’s independent developers’ dream projects simply by submitting

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fund fantasy

FundTokens (FUNDZ)

FundFantasy is a fun and secure online financial trading platform that allows its users the ability to craft their portfolio, select a contest to participate in and win attractive prizes. The platform is powered by Blockchain technology and combines online trading with online gambling markets. The platform tries to solve

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NaPoleonX (NPX)

NaPoleonX is a new crypto currency that offers the first solution of joint scholarly investment that is intended for people who hold cyrptocurrencies, by creating Decentralized Autonomous Funds (DAF). Each smart contract of DAF will be regulated by a combination of trading bots as a standalone fund. In the first

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CrowdWiz (WIZ)

CrowdWiz is a decentralized group wisdom finance platform that just newly declared its ICO. CrowdWiz practices a crowdsourced declaration-making rule as an option to conventional investment proposal. The platform exerts the view of the crowd – rather the ideas of a few fund administrators, banks, or representatives – to make

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ALMBank (AALM) is a money stage given Ethereum, which (I) will end up being the world's first work deal subsidize; which concentrates on new businesses, ICO, philanthropy undertakings and dream ventures. We will have the capacity to back tasks that are not financed by the utilization of sweat capital and

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