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MonetaVerde (MCN)

MonetaVerde is a crypto-night based coin. Just like other crypto currencies, MonetaVerde has its own way of mining, difficulty and block reward. However, not many people are familiar with this coin and often ask, what is the Monetaverde? and wish to know more about this crypto currency. If you are one of these folks, take a look at the below paragraphs to get a brief idea about the coin and its special advantage. 

Basics of the MonetaVerde coin

This coin was originated as a green coin and hence the name Moneta Verde meaning a green coin. The coin uses existing mining resources and the mining community regulates the supply of this green coin. Parameters and calculations associated with the coin are listed below.

Specifications of the coin:

Block target – 60 seconds

Algorithm – Crypto-night POW

Block reward = log2 (difficulty)*240[1]

Difficulty retarget with every block

Merged mining with QuazarCoin, Monero, Bytecoin and other crypto-night based coins

The best thing about MonetaVerde is the fact that it is the first coin with increasing block reward despite increasing difficulty. This is a good thing, but why? Usually, the supply of money grows with the increase in difficulty. The increase occurs due to an increase in demand. This in turn results in dependency of supply of the currency on demand. However, the blocks of mining decrease, which leads to decrease in the block reward.

In the case of MonetaVerde, the situation is just the opposite. The block reward increases despite the difficulty increase. This means – as the number of coins circulated increases, the block reward gets increased. It implies you will get more number of coins in the form of mining reward with the passage of time despite the increase in difficulty.

If you calculate the potency of block reward with the expected increase in the value of the coin, you will come to a conclusion that the price and investment value of this green coin will increase exponentially. As such, you could earn much higher profits with this coin than any other coin. This is why more and more people are interested in mining and hoarding Monetaverde.

Bottom line

MonetaVerde is one of the legitimate coins backed by block chain mining. With a block time of 60 seconds and named as a green coin, MonetaVerde is a crypto coin you should consider for transactions as well as investments. Over a period of time, the value of MonetaVerde will increase substantially than any other coin. At that time, nobody will pose questions such as what is the MonetaVerde?


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