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BTER Review


Any given crypto currency like bitcoin can always be exchanged either for another crypto currency or for a traditional currency like the Euro or the Dollar. There are several online platforms on which such exchanges can take place. These platforms generally serve at the same time as banks in which you can store your crypto money and let it generate interest. One such platform is BTER. So just how good are their services?

Ease of Signing up

This is quite easy: just a few pieces of information are required, and you’re ready to log in


These too are easy to carry out, just by clicking on the “wallets” tab and then clicking either on “deposit” or “withdraw” once these show up. Reports from gathered from clients, though suggest that actually getting to withdraw money from your account may require lots of verifications and annoying delays. Deposits, though are definitely much easier, through and through.

Ease of Taking Interests

When you send money to BTER, it normally generates interest. This interest is easy to take, by following the straightforward instructions on the web page. This can be done every 24 hours. Note, however, that any interest which is not taken daily, does not accumulate. So you can easily lose some of your interest, if you do not find a way to pick it up daily.


• The fees charged by BTER for trading are very low, and may even get to 0, for some tiers.

• The same withdrawal fees are charged for all users

• Depositing money on BTER is done free of charge.


On BTER, you have several options for trading: In addition to the webpage, you can sell or buy via a mobile client, or you may even trade via API in case programming is one of your interests.

BTER offers a very wide range of which you can exchange to, and from. The procedure for this, on their webpage, is quite straightforward.


Contacting their support team is easily done, either via Skype, or by visiting their website and clicking on “ticket”.

Note that, unlike some other crypto currency exchange platforms, on BTER, it is not possible to exchange traditional currency.

Also, it is important to know that there are some crypto currency exchange platforms on which currency exchanges are done simply by announcing to the platform what amount you need in the target currency and then they tell you how much it corresponds to in your currency, so you simply send that amount to them and they send you the amount in the target currency. It is generally safer to exchange currency with such platforms, but BTER is not one of them.

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