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Stratis (STRAT)

Stratis is a Blockchain environment, designed to provide platform for industries in the economic sector that want to enjoy the taste of Blockchain technology. A blockchain is an allocated database that keeps a regular growing list of sequenced records called blocks. Every block stores a time data and a link to a past block. This ensure that it trace other kind of data in blockchain networks in other than money.Stratis allows organizations to make their own blockchain software’s with the features they needed, it made the process simpler and speeding up the developing cycle for blockchain works. Stratis enable the creation of unique and secure blockchains, which can be used by third party companies and can edit them to as per theirrequirements.

These blockchains are protected by the main Stratis blockchain. It can be used via any clients and APIs. Stratis made the blockchain technology easy for individual and corporate.

Now the Stratis has been added to the cloud service to give the best performance to create blockchain-applications. Stratis is an advanced developing tool made for Microsoft products.

Hence their platform has been listed to blockchain’s platform that is also present in the cloud.

Their aim is to give protocol for the shift of economic institutions to the work in blockchain to enhance efficiency and reliability

What is the differences between Stratis and Ethereum?

Stratis are identical to Ethereum technology but same time there is a big difference. Stratis works on the Bitcoin blockchain technology. But, where Stratis makes itself different is that it also provide developers the opportunity to code in C language, which generate millions of possibilities for application and other developers. Stratis is identical to Ethereum in that both are medium for producing blockchain-based app and softwares. But Stratis differ from Ethereum in that it allow C# language, which means developers don’t have to learn a new language to begin creating those application . If you have ever noticed the data length on the block of Ethereum , you will surely notice that all of that data is now passing from the same path and could cause jam if there exists too much data on the paty, but in case of Stratis data move seamlessly without getting collided.

Stratis has a global presence, it own a distributed team of finances managers, developers, HR, dealer and sales professional. Guided by an expert team of blockchain professionals, they include a great organizational structure for best financial practices with the great platform for


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