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AdToken (ADT)

Digital currencies are becoming ever more prevalent in today’s society. Looking for secure options to transfer money, there have been new and developing e-currencies developed in the past 10 years. Anyone familiar with cryptocurrency may be wondering, what is AdToken (ADT)? ADT varies from other cryptocurrencies in few different ways. 

AdToken Purpose

The adChain registry is a smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain and requires ADT. Users must have ADT in order to vote, deposit, and challenge entry into the adChain registry. The registry stores domain names which are recognized as being safe and non-fraudulent by ADT holders. Anyone who is an adToken holder can also vote fraudulent publishers out of the registry. Because advertisers are losing significant revenue due to fraud and traffic bots, the creation of the registry and ADT want to solve this problem.

Not a Transactional Currency

Since many people think of crypto currencies as being used to buy and sell goods, keep in mind that ADT is not designed for this purpose. Instead, it can be best thought of as being a protocol token. It can only be used by the AdChain community to keep the registry free of fraud. Instead of being used for exchange, ADT is going to be used for governance.
Keep in mind that there is some financial link to ADT though. Any publishers who want to join the registry must purchase ADT for their use as a deposit in addition to an application to join the registry. Current members of the adChain community will have to purchase ADT in order to challenge or vote on the applications from any publishers that are believed to be fraudulent.

Brave and adChain

The developers of adChain saw that both of these worked towards the same goal. If digital advertising is a city, then adChain uses ADT to lay efficient pipes which provide residents with cheap and safe utilities. Brave, however, is more like a zone in the city with its own zip code that creates options for residents to interact with each other and receive BAT. This means that while the two systems are different, they are also compatible.

The makers of ADT had specific goals in mind when creating it. They saw that ADT could be complementary to BAT and anticipated times when BAT and ADT could be coupled in order to provide an excellent user experience that minimized any opportunity for fraud. They also anticipated that it could be used to protect user’s privacy. In the future, expect to see more solutions that will involve both BAT and ADT.

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