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Edgeless (EDG)

Edgeless is the new real ETH crypto-currency designed to assure gamblers of trust in online gaming. It is developed to popularize Ethereum by being the currency of choice. One of the best attributes of the currency is that is will bring speed and allow users to transact immediately or instantly. It has limited barriers to entry and hence all people can access the currency and transact freely. It will also feature lower transaction fees making it affordable. The currency will ensure fully transparency in gaming making it absolutely impossible to cheat the system.

Just like other transparency mechanisms used by online casinos which are typically inside their servers to help influence different variables without being noticed, Edgeless features a tamper-proof contract that will connect the particular casino’s server to the blockchain hence it will make the inner workings of games accessible to gamers so they can verify.

The currency is being developed by Edgeless Casino. Currently, the casino has managed to raise approximately $2.5 million from about 800 unique investors in the sale of the EDG tokens. Edgeless Crypto currency has managed to solve the main problems experienced by the gambling industry; high house edge and lack of transparency. This currency is brings about openness and fairness allowing EDG token investors to transact freely without being vulnerable to cheating. This currency is definitely the future of gambling. All processes taking place in a casino are monitored. The processes are then displayed on the block-chain ensuring that anyone can spot any devious transaction that is taking place. The currency also ensures fair play since the mechanism that is governing the casino can be accessed by anyone. Edgeless provides 0% house edge or percentage a player can lose with increase in the number of games. Edgeless makes profit from the mistakes that players make in fair play.

One of the aspects that set Edgeless apart from other crypto-currencies available in the market is its clear understanding of its market and long run function. Edgeless is designed to protect investors from hacking by making smart contracts. The currency is also fully protected from deliberate as well as natural devaluation by making sure that units of currency to be created are fixed and also burning unsold currency after ICO. The currency’s development is incentivized by ensuring tokens remain locked for 12 months to raise token value, making it the most reliable currency. The concept of Edgeless EDG is not only unique but is also has long term potential for marketplace acceptance.


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Edgeless (EDG)
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