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trade ioThe full objective of Trade-io is to remain the globe’s best service for trading several kinds of financial assets on the blockchain system. Read on to get more information from the ultimate Trade.io review. 

What Is Trade-io?

According to Trade-io, it remains the future financial service oriented on the blockchain technology. The basic goal of designing the Trade.io service is to create disruption to the status quo in the marketplace. Trade.io is designed to unleash an innovative era of financing and trading. The system is designed a team of professional programmers in Zug, Switzerland.

The initial objective of this system is to establish a financial and trading service for crypto assets cascaded on the blockchain network. The long-term objective of the system is to provide CDFs and Forex for oil, precious metal, indices, commodities, international equities and much more. The system is expected to have one hundred and twenty plus financial items available for trading.

Trade-io Operation Mode:

  1. During the launch period, the system is anticipated to provide trading in more than one hundred and twenty unique financial items, including Forex pairs, cryptocurrencies, and CDFs on energies, metals, stocks, commodities and stock indices. Some of the major functions and features of the system will include: Having trade tokens and remains among the top five crypto-asset oriented services in the marketplace
  2. For trade token holders, Trade.io aspired to be the largest trading liquidity pool. This is for the advantage of TradeToken holders
  3. Trade.io is designed to be the most cost-effective service to quicken investment banking solutions with lower advisory costs
  4. Trade.io will also remain the leading exchange medium for local services to raise funds from crypto communities
  5. Remain the leading service for trading several financial assets oriented on the blockchain system

The TradeToken ICO:

On November 7 through 21 of 2017, the pre-ICO for TIO tokens is already in the plan. On November 22 through 29, the general ICO will begin and end. A sum of five hundred million TradeTokens will be issued by the company. Through a token sale, almost 2/3 of those tokens will be provided to the public. During the pre-ICO, a maximum of one hundred million TradeTokens will be marketed. The price will be 1.15 dollars per TradeToken for the first week of the pre-ICO.

In the second week, the price will increase to 1.25 dollars. The price will remain at three dollars per TradeToken on November 22 when the general ICO starts. Additional fifty million tokens will be allowed to move to Trade.io liquidity pool to ensure easy trading. The remaining amount will be provided to incentivize the management, vendors, advisors, and developers.
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