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DIW Token (DIW)

DIW Token Explainer

DIW tokenRapid technological advancements are taking the world by storm, and the developments are changing nearly all aspects of life. The advancements are occurring not just in North America, but also in Africa, Asia and Europe, among other pats of the world.

One of the areas that’s continuously being transformed by the advancement in technology is the acquisition, storage, transmission, decryption and interpretation of classified information. This has led to the development of systems such as DIW. You’ve probably read or heard about DIW. What is it about? Let’s take a look at what DIW is all about.

DIW token review

DIW is a system that boasts of exceptional features such as secure digital vault, secure storage and transmission of electronic health records, provision of a payment platform for both fiat and crypto-currency, paid escrow and integrated global directory.

Secure digital vault

It allows you to safely store sensitive and valuable digital information like identification documentation, wills, passwords, authenticated KYC or documentation related to KYS, bank account information and info related to credit cards within a platform that is highly encrypted, decentralized and secure.

Additionally, DIW allows you to partly or wholly share data with other authorized parties without fear of security breach by unauthorized third parties.

Payment platform for both fiat currency and crypto currency

DIW offers an absolutely new and secure platform for owners of websites to accept payments from clients/ customers in the form of crypto or fiat through a single login decentralized medium.

The ground-breaking payment gateway is going to be an inbuilt checkout platform for a good number of ecommerce websites, together with websites that comprise of Open-Source Client Management Systems like Joomla and WordPress.

Global directory

DIW intends to come up with a global directory that will allow holders of accounts (organizations and/or individuals) to expand their reach and also avail a list of the services that they provide. The worldwide directory will consist of a smart evaluation system that will enhance transparency, accountability and trust among account holders.

Paid Escrow

The DIW platform will comprise of a smart escrow service. The contract-based service will ensure that all transactions among authorized parties are safe and secure.

Its simplicity will ensure that account holders experience little or no difficulty while using the platform. However, it will not only be smart, but also sophisticated. This will ensure that all conditions for transactions are fulfilled before release of funds.

Electronic health records

It’s very important for anyone who handles electronic health records to secure them. In the unfortunate event that such information falls into wrong hands, the results could be tragic.

It would be unforgivable if the whole project fails to come up with something that will ensure safety and security of health records. DIW will enable encryption of electronic health records, safe storage and protected sharing among holders of accounts and authorized laboratories and health care professionals such as doctors and pharmacists. Account holders will also have the liberty of applying the smart contract technology that already exists in the DIW network.

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