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DMarket (DMT)In the last couple of years, online gaming has become mainstream. Most of the people these days do not prefer playing games off-line. Most of the gamers are content with competing with hundreds of other players online in order to not only win the game but possess unique virtual assets. Even after spending hundreds of hours together these virtual assets, they find it quite difficult to generate any value for them as they cannot be monetized in most of the cases.

Dmarket is trying to solve this problem by creating a decentralized marketplace where you would be able to monetize such virtual wireless assets.

How does Dmarket work?

Dmarket is creating a decentralized platform based on the blockchain technology which would allow you to buy and sell virtual items in a single click. As the platform would be based on the blockchain technology, there would be 100% security which would be provided. With the help of smart contracts, blockchain would be connected with the virtual worlds in different games which would enable you to easily utilize those virtual assets which you are buying. Also, with the help of smart contracts, the current ownership of the virtual assets, as well as the payment status, would be verified.

Functionality of the token:

Dmarket platform would be utilizing the Dmarket coin. Even though this is the coin which is associated with the platform currently but its functionalities would expand in the future. It would be used for other purposes as well like:

• In game currency

• Trading in-game items

• Paying a royalty to copyright holders within the game

• Acquiring premium accounts in games

• Postponing the fees of the game using smart contracts

The platform has so far raised around $ 10 million in ICO. The ICO recently concluded in November 2017. This shows the stronger appetite of investors who believe in the application of the platform.

Potential of the platform:

According to the website of the company, the virtual gaming industry is rapidly expanding and currently consists of 2.3 billion gamers which are being tapped actively by the platform. This significantly increases the potential for not just the platform but Dmarket tokens as well.

Thus, if you’re looking for cryptocurrency tokens with unique applications, Dmarket is one of the best options for you as explained in the dmarket review above. It is trying to monetize the industry which is not yet monetized and which has billions of users. This presents a unique as well as an enormous opportunity for the company to create value for itself as well as the token holders. Since Dmarket is one of the pioneers in this field, it sure holds a lot of promise.

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