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OBIZCOINOBIZCOIN is developing World’s First Smart Process Automation BOT
Based on Artificial Intelligence & Blockchain Technology

It is the among the very few ICO’s concentrating on B2B businesses and the only ICO taking consultancy to the level of AI and Blockchain.

Consulting business automation can bring exponential scalability to their business model.

With its rich industry experience, OBIZ bot will provide services like

Business Process Management

  • Designs Processes
  • Aligns Team
  • Monitors Progress
  • Reviews Efficiency
  • Rewards Team
  • Upgrades Process

Operations Risk Score Analysis

  • Degree of Process Implementation within the organization,
  • Measure the team performance across the organization
  • Organization’s Strengths & Weaknesses

OBIZCOIN has merged two of the most promising technologies; AI and Blockchain. If they are able to deliver on their promises, this project will generate a lot of wealth for investors in the long run

Operational analysis of a company helps the company to know its operational and executional strength. Whether the organization is meeting the global operational standards or exceeding or falling short. What are its executional strengths and weaknesses.

OBIZCOIN token is a utility token having multiple utilities:


  1. Availing operational risk score analysis and other services available on plaftform
  2. Access to OBIZCOIN DAPP platform
  3. Third party tie-ups
  4. Reward to developers developing the platform
  5. To avail vendor partner services
  6. Incentivising Employees


Business require operational excellence to scale efficiently and remain stable in the long run. That is possible with the help of designing and implementing standard operating procedures. OBIZCOIN BOT helps in doing that with ease with it BOT DAPP platform.

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