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Quazarcoin (QCN)

The QuazarCoin (QCN) site is one of the new generation of cryptocurrency. It depends on the CryptoNote protocol and uses the CryptoNight calculation. The CryptoNight calculation is the most liberal, completely ASIC-safe and just CPU-mineable. QuazarCoin was launched May 8, 2014, after a discussion meeting in the community, without premine or instamine. It secures your information and privacy through unlinkable exchanges with ring signature. The primary concern of QuazarCoin is usability optimization.

Secure Transactions

Just like different coins that use the Cryptonote protocol like Monero, Bytecoin, Digitalnote and many others, QuazarCoin additionally use ring signatures to secure your information and privacy. Ring signatures enable you to make untraceable installments. Ring signatures request various open keys for confirmation. How it functions with QuazarCoin is the exchanges which are in reality signed by a gathering of users. In the confirmation procedure, there may be the likelihood to recognize one account owner; in any case, it won’t uncover who it is precisely.

Full Data and Privacy Protection

This is how QuazarCoin secures your protection. It conducts unlinkable exchanges by making different special one-time addresses, and each of this address will be used for an installment and is made from a solitary public key. Notwithstanding, when the installment is sent to a public address it will show up on the blockchain as though it was sent to a one-time address.

Egalitarian Proof of Work

This implies that the mining procedure is attempting to give even terms to all the users and why this is a thing in many new cryptos is as a result of what mining Bitcoin has progressed into becoming rather weak unless you have enough money to build a colossal mining farm. There’s actually no real way to enter the Bitcoin mining scene without spending loads of money on the equipment. Cryptonight however puts egalitarian thoughts in the center of its calculation. It must be mined with CPU and each new block relies on the past blocks and it just requires around 2Mb for each instance. This is the place you could profit with Quazar, the design of it has been made to suit mining with customary PCs and needn’t bother with special gadgets for mining. The mining hashrate is enhanced from the first second of use.


  • Full data and privacy protection.
  • Untraceable payments with ring signatures.
  • Unlinkable and secure transactions.
  • Double-spending proof.
  • Block chain analysis resistance.


  • QCNPool (0.75% fee)
  • Omar G Pool (0.5% fee)=
  • Cryptity Pool (0.5% fee)
  • Pool from China mine (0.5% fee)
  • Xmining pool (1% fee)
  • Extreme Pool (1% fee)
  • MinerGate pool with native app (2%)
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