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Bitcoin B2X (B2X)

Bitcoin B2X (B2X)

For the same miners’ support, both B2X and BTC are about to be in competition. There is every possibility for one of the coins to hit a zero chance of winning. If you are not a bitcoin professional, it is a good idea to retain both coins and allow the battle to play itself. 

What Will Happen?

Bitcoin will hard fork into B2X and BTC on November 16th and 15th. When a coin totally splits itself and value into two unique separate coins, it is called a hard fork. This will make B2X operate differently from the other coin and remain so into the future under different regulations. Users will be able to get an equal amount of B2X for having BTC on that date. For instance, if you have 2 BTC, then an equivalent of 2 B2X will be provided.

When Will The Event Occur?

The blockchain will be mined normally on the 16th or 15th of November. This will also depend on the mining speeds. For this reason, it is important to know how your B2X will be affected during the hard fork process.

How To Recover Your B2X?

One of the best ways to get or retain your B2X is by moving BTC to a secure exchange platform. This platform will credit your B2X automatically into the account you have been using. Another option available is to move your BTC to a personal or private wallet. This is where you have the opportunity to control the addresses’ personal key like Blockchain.info, Bitpay, Airbits, Electrum and just to mention a few. It is important to know that the trading of B2X will start instantly on the exchanges. This implies that you will not have the opportunity to take part in the process. This is because B2X will not be moveable onto the blockchain system for a given amount of time after the hard fork process.

What Will Be The Value Of The New Coin?

The futures markets rate B2X currently at one thousand two hundred dollars. If the hard fork process occurs today, then the BTC value will change from six thousand dollars to something new. It will also enable B2X to ebb away from the current one thousand two hundred dollars. Studies have shown that futures markets usually forecasts hard forks perfectly. The truth is that nobody knows what the actual value of the new coin will be.


During the period between when B2X can be moved around the blockchain and trading starts, there is every possibility to experience the highest prices. To stay updated, you can always explore the bitcoin B2X (B2X) review.

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