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Ardor (ARDR)

Ardor (blockchain as a service) is an open platform which uses Nxt’s blockchain technology through the concept of child chains. These child chains can be customized to user needs. The main feature of Ardor however, is the enhanced security feature which comes along with the concept of child chains. The user need not be worried about security as that would be taken care of by the main chain which uses the blockchain technology of Nxt while keeping your transactions safe and secure.¬†

The Ardor Main Chain:

By Separating the child chains the Ardor main chain is much more fast, scalable and secure. Ardor is highly scalable as the child data will be trimmed, making the size of each main chain independent of number of child chains. The main chain data will be processed within 60 seconds making it faster.

And, what more, Ardor is built by Jelurida, an internal development team of Nxt with years of experience in stability and security of blockchain. All the ARDR tokens and the child chains are secured under Ardor main chain, the transactions are limited to mitigate blockchain bolt and increase performance.

The Ardor Child Chain:

As discussed earlier in this article, most of the transactions happen through the Ardor’s child chain which can be partly customized. You could also use array of decentralized features of Nxt.

Aliasing – Customized name aliases, to make your life more easy.

Data Cloud РEnhanced security on the blockchain which can either be private, public or even time stamped. Account Control РYou will control who will gain the access. You can even restrict access without permission from multiple parties.

Monetary System – Lets you create tokens, which can be customizable.

Secure Messaging – Secure messaging without depending on the centralized system.

Coin Shuffle – You want to mix your money with your partners. You now have an option of that too.

Voting – Anonymous voting is a breeze with the voting feature.

Plug ins – You can customize your functionality using plug ins.

Phasing – Defer your execution or plan your payment.

Market Place – Buy or Sell, you have a market for it.




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