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AntShares (ANS)

In an ICO, AntShare remains one of the largest funded coins. It is the first open source and unique public chain project of the earliest Chinese business. It remains a smart assets platform for both small and big investors. The combination of digital currencies and blockchain contracts helps to produce smart assets. With AntShares, there’ll be pathways for assets to be in circulation, issuance and registration. This first Chinese original public chain is exceptional to use.

One amazing thing about AntShare is that it helps to upgrade e-contracts. This is a unique method of registering actual contracts and intellectual property. In fact, it can help to register other kinds of ownership with ease. The Chinese regulations governing intellectual property and patents are no longer operational. AntShares remain the best alternative for business owners to use for intellectual property. With this concept, businesses in China can now register ownership of intellectual property.

With e-contracts, AntShares will be able to report data on digital assets transfers. Digital tokens emanating from e-contracts in AntShares operate as significant information. It can work for recording assets, titles, creditor’s claims, equities, currencies and securities.

Another unique operational feature of AntShares is that it uses dBFT. AntShares provide two types of blockchain participants. The users and the professional node operators help to form the two blockchain participants for the system. The professional node operators help to trade nodes to earn real cash. In blockchains, proponents claim dBFT will provide better and reliable security.

With blockchain technology, digital assets can exist in the form of electronic information. Digital assets will become transparent, traceable, trustless and decentralized. The unique technology that operate AntShares can as well support several types of digital assets. It will help to operate and manage digital certification that provides trust for public chain. The assets provided through digital certification by users will remain protected by law. Users have the opportunity to use smart contracts to enrich and improve the operations of assets. This will only occurs in complex scenarios. With other operations unrelated to assets, users have the opportunity to create smart contracts.


With AntShares blockchain, you will have the opportunity to execute and deploy smart contracts. It can as well help in the upgrade of digital assets into programmable data. Antshares come with source codes that can help both users and professional node operators to upgrade their operation. If you are looking for a new model in the world of cryptocurrency, Antshares may be the right platform.

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