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BitCoin (BTC)

Bitcoin is a virtual cryptocurrency used on internet, money can buy but slightly different from your regular net banking and shopping from your credit card to buy products or anything you like, The difference is that it’s not controlled by your national or native bank nor limited to your countries currency but it’s an open network that is managed by its users. Its secure then your regular internet banking that’s why we call it cryptocurrency, it’s almost impossible decrypt its database to hack into someone’s profile or theft. Bitcoin can be securely and instantly transfer value all around the globe anywhere in the world.

Bitcoin is like the currency of future.

You must be thinking that if a currency is that safe and have state of the art technology in currency market then it must be so hard to operate a currency like that and you have to be some kind of geek to know how to use it anywhere in the internet but the answer is No, yes it’s a no because you don’t have to be technologically sound to know how to use the bitcoin anywhere safely.

Bitcoin offer’s you services like your regular internet banking you just have to remember your email and password in order to ensure only you have access to your money.

Just like stock market Bitcoins value is too determine by selling and buying in the open market.

Just like the value of stock use to go up & down in the stock market based on the supply and demand of stuff the value of bitcoin to go rise up and down because its traded for dollars, Euros, yen and other worldwide currencies in real time whole day. But the way Bitcoin works is totally different from your regular currency because it doesn’t depend on your private banks and companies for transactions.

There is only one completely open payment network which anyone can operate just by your internet anywhere and that’s bitcoin because it’s not like your visa and credit, debit card companies or banks which are privately and owned by governments. The greatest thing about Bitcoin is that you can access your money without any ATM or credit card.

So with Bitcoin you don’t have to link up your any personal details with any bank and too you don’t have to make any bank account to transfer money anywhere in the world it’s that simple and great, Bitcoin in simple the currency of future.

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