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Lydian token (LDN)

lydian ICO

Lydian token (LDN)Lydian is a blockchain-based cryptocurrency that aims to be the world’s first AI-powered big data platform. What does this all mean for us?

Lydian is a blockchain marketing company that seeks to fill in a niche within the crypto industry. The real name of the company is LydianCoin Pte Ltd, and the group recently opened up their token sale (LDN). Gravity4 Inc., a marketing organization controls both Lydian and the LydianCoin Ltd.


What is Lydian all about? For starters, the crypto allows startup companies and businesses to buy digital advertising and marketing services that are AI-driven, under the umbrella of the Gravity4 corporation. In a sense, Lydian tokens will help startup groups to get the latest digital marketing strategies available today.


The ICO share in 2017 was largely believed to be a considerable success although the company mainly used outdated marketing tactics that didn’t necessarily engage a wider group of consumers. The lack of strength in delivering the message needs to be addressed if Lydian is to survive in the long term. The good thing is that the company behind Lydian is currently trying to solve this challenge.


How Does Lydian Work?


The whole Lydian platform revolves around the Lydian token and the founder. LydianCoin Pte Ltd. offers the latest digital marketing strategies that are already being used by businesses within the Fortune 1000 Companies worldwide. Buyers will have access to the same digital advertising tools and practices once they participate in the sale of the Lydian (LDN) tokens. What’s more, investors will be able to tap into proven marketing services that came from years of customer interaction and aggregated marketing data to get a significant boost to their ad campaigns.
Instead of using 3rd party services and companies for digital advertising, startups can use Lydian, a decentralized, crypto-based marketplace to reduce overhead costs and a slew of other benefits.


Artificial Intelligence and the Lydian Coin


Lydian makes use of an advanced AI within the cryptocurrency’s platform. MonaLisa is the neural net that powers the Lydian ecosystem. Gravity4 claims that their artificial intelligence allows for a highly targeted advertising and product marketing.


Lydian tokens may immediately be used to get into the Gravity4 Marketing Cloud. The community contains decades’ worth of marketing experience, extensive aggregated customer data, exclusive industry partnerships and Gravity4’s very own existing technology that can power up any advertising campaign.


The blockchain technology behind Lydian is called MonaChain, which invariably connects the token to the MonaLisa AI. The combination of MonaChain and MonaLisa brings about optimized ad placement for startups. Security is also upped because the blockchain naturally reduces advertising frauds while promoting highly targeted services.


Ad-Free Browser: The MonaBrowse


Lydian token buyers can also take advantage of the included browser. The MonaBrowse allows token buyers to browse the web without worrying about annoying ads and pop-ups. Each year ad blockers take away billions of dollars in potential advertising revenue, which inadvertently makes it more difficult for content producers to make a living. MonaBrowse tries to appease both web users and ad companies by providing a well-balance browser.


Token Sale for Lydian


As of the moment the sale date for the Lydian tokens have not been announced. Interested parties can take a look at the available information found in the Lydian whitepaper. The devs have made it clear that there will be about 20 million tokens initially available during the token sale, and that there will be about 40 million Lydian coins in total. Ethereum-based Lydian (LDN) coins are currently priced at $5 per token; Lydian Coin Ltd. is also accepting ETH and BTC as forms of payment. Last but not the least, the token sale is said to be 4 weeks long.




Gravity4 Inc., the creator of the Lydian is a marketing company who has a proven track record in working with Fortune 1000 companies. The hallmarks of the Lydian is the MonaLisa artificial intelligence and the security of the blockchain which disrupts the current advertising industry. The aim of the crypto is to make marketing more efficient while reducing fraud practices within the ad industry.


More information about Lydian can be found at Lydian.io. The token sale is coming soon although there’s no set date as of the moment.
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