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trade.io Enters A New Partnership With Bancor Protocol In A Bid To Continue Providing More Liquidity To Token Holders.

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On Thursday 28TH DEC 2017, trade.io hit the headlines again by entering another partnership with Bancor Protocol. In a meeting that was held in Zug Switzerland, the fastest growing blockchain announced its plans to sign a deal that will see to its partnership with the giant Bancor Protocol. Bancor Protocol is a standard for autonomously converting cryptocurrencies to smart tokens.

This integration will allow the conversion of trade.io ERC20 tokes (TIO) to and from Ethereum ERC20 in the Bancor Network. This will simplify the trade of the trde.io tokens with other cryptocurrencies since the conversion can be done from a simple web application. The placing of the TIO tokens on Brancor Protocol will take place immediately after the completion of trade.io’s token sale. This will see the company allocating between 2% – 5% of total market capitalization.

Commenting on the latest progress, trade.io CEO Jim Preissler said” We will continue to find ways to deliver value addition to trade.io’s partners. We are working day and night to see that and our partnership with Bancor is a testimony to our efforts.

Currently, the company has already received over $20million in contribution from over 10000 participants in its running ICO. Earlier in the year, Bancor Protocol had generated over $153 million in contribution placing it among the most successful token generation (ICOs ) of all times. You can get more information about the contribution on their site https://trade.io/bancor.

What You Should Know About trade.io:
trade.io is a company that operationalizes the middlemen free cash and asset transfers through the democratization of the financial markets. The company aims at eliminating bottlenecks, such as fees, timelines, and rates charged by financial institutions by utilizing the powerful tools in its blockchain trading platform. trade.io provide the future of banking by introducing a paradigm shift in the trade sector as is known today. The trade.io platform supports both tradings of assets as well as listing the assets in the cryptocurrency economy. The company promotes these trade operations by operating their system in a trustworthy manner, within a regulated and compliant environment.

About Bancor:
The Bancor Protocol is a platform that presents a standard for the creation of Smart Tokens. This system is automated with inbuilt convertibility to convert cryptocurrencies into smart tokens and vice vasa. The system uses an innovative token connector method that enables formulation of prices and continuous liquidation of all compliant tokens. The protocol does not need to match any tow tokens in an exchange to facilitate liquidity. You can learn more about the company and smart token liquidation by visiting their site. https://trade.io/bancor.

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