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Bitcoin Gold (BTG)

bitcoin goldPeople have heard about both bitcoin cash and bitcoin. Are you really anticipating for the prevalence of bitcoin gold? A fork of the blockchain is expected to be completed by a small group of bitcoin miners and developers. These developers plan to unleash bitcoin gold trading on exchanges by November 1. If you are looking to get free bitcoin gold, then it is important to have your own bitcoin available prior to the launch date.

What Is The Goal Of The Bitcoin Gold?

The general feeling seems to be that bitcoin gold remains an irrelevant development and a non-issue. Some traders are anticipating that this move will lead to disintegrating the bitcoin community further. Some other people believe that it is the future of bitcoin. To be factual, the objective of this project is similar to the bitcoin hard fork, improving the protocol.

What Is The Status Of Bitcoin Gold? The Bitcoin Gold Project Is Still Evolving 

In a nutshell, the project is an active development. While certain details have been altered over time, most data are not publicly known. For instance, the official website of the project mentions that an ICO will be available where one percent of bitcoin gold goes as an incentive to the developer team. Nevertheless, the ICO information has been removed currently from the website.

Benefits Of Bitcoin Gold?

1. The bitcoin gold project will help to create real decentralized edition of bitcoin

2. More participants will be allowed to mine in the system

3. There will be total replacement of bitcoin’s mining algorithm to graphics card operation

4. Big miners that are known as controversial figures will become less relevant

5. The token will execute a proof-of-work alteration from bitcoin’s SHA256

6. The memory-hard algorithm to be used for the project remains ASIC-resistant and perfectly optimized for GPU mining


The bitcoin gold project will be a minimalistic fork of the blockchain designed in the spirit of Litecoin. At this juncture, you will discover that only a couple of conservative alterations have been executed.

After the unleashing of bitcoin cash, several predictions are made of the continuing existence of a hard fork across the bitcoin community. While some people are planning to take bitcoin in new directions, other individuals are truly willing to upgrade bitcoin’s blockchain. As the currency is prepared to appear on the cryptocurrency market, traders should continue to stay tuned for more information. If you are inquisitive on how the system will work, simply visit the bitcoin gold (BTG) review for more information.

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