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Crypto Currencies SCAMS

Since the first Bitcoin, many other came out, some are legits and some are just SCAMS.

At BTCurrencies.com we will try to update the list bellow as fast we can to prevent you investing on it.

according to the stats 2017 will be the year for for the crypto-currencies, so make sure you dont find it in the list bellow .

NOT VERIFIED : Crypto Currencies : 

  1. MarioBrosCoin
  2. ZenithCoin:
  3. PXC Phenixcoin
  4. BTB Bitbar
  5. YaCoin
  6. XenCoin (XNC)
  7. MNC Mincoin
  8. GLD Goldcoin
  9. VeroCoin
  10. UScoin (USC)
  11. AMC Americancoin
  12. LKY LuckyCoin
  13. MEM MEMEcoin
  14. ARG Argentum
  15. PesetaCoin
  16. StableCoin
  17. NUG Nuggets
  18. NanoTokens (NAN)
  19. CDC Cloudcoin
  20. CENT Pennies
  21. SYC Skycoin
  22. CL Copperlark
  23. NAN NanoTokens
  24. MST MasterCoin
  25. USC UScoin
  26. GIL
  27. RCH
  28. XNC XenCoin
  29. REC RealCoin
  30. RED Recoin
  31. ALF Alphacoin
  32. One Last Coin
  33. ORB Orbitcoin
  34. NUC Nucoin
  35. Crypto (CTO)

Note that we are adding the coins according to users comments, If you feel that a coin has been added by mistake feel free to contact us.