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Terms and conditions

Here are the terms and conditions for users of Btcurrencies.com.

Carefully read through the terms and conditions which regulates the use of the websites. However, BTCurrencies, whenever the need arises, may choose to modify, remove or add to these terms and conditions without any earlier notice to users. Your continuous use if this site simply attests to the fact that you have agreed to comply by these terms

  1. Users are allowed to:

a) visit the site and use the information therein for private use only. Commercial use of information on the site is highly prohibited

b) duplicate information from the site as necessary; in line with the above provision; as long as you do not contravene any of the provisions in clause 2

2) Users are prohibited from:

  1. Copying (whether by storing in storage devices, web scrapping, printing, etc.) any substantial volume of the website
  2. Taking off or modifying any content or extract materials from the site, except otherwise indicated in these terms and conditions.
  3. Retransmitting, selling, reproducing, broadcasting, publishing any information on the site with aim of promoting, creating, marketing or trading products without the due consent of BTCurrencies ,
  4. using content for illegal purposes and shall uphold stipulated laws and regulation at all times.

3) No Investment Advice

  1. BTCurrencies do not offer advice on investment; hence, no content on the site should be taken as such:
  2. We do not suggest financial products to users
  3. we do not recommend users to buy or sell any product
  4. No content on the site should be mistaken for an offer, or request for an offer from BTCurrencies, to sell or buy securities.
  5. References made on this site may not be ideal for you and hence do not make any financial decision based on such generic information without consulting a certified financial expert.

4) Copyrights and Trade Marks

BTCurrencies.com trademarks are properties of BTCurrencies or may have been handed over to BTCurrencies by their owners for use on the website. Users are prohibited from duplicating any of these trademarks in any manner; except stated otherwise in these terms and condition.

5) Exemptions and Limitations Of liability

5.1 BTCurrencies liability is not limited for personal injury or death caused by fraud, negligence or other liability which may not be exempted or limited by law

5.2 In respect to clause 5.1 (above), under no circumstance shall BTCurrencies be held responsible (whether for negligence, breach of contract or any reason whatsoever) for

  • Loss of revenue
  • Loss of profit
  • Loss of sales
  • Loss of revenue,
  • loss of bargain
  • loss of goodwill
  • loss of opportunity
  • special damages [
  • data or software loss or damage
  • waste of management or staff time
  • any special, significant or indirect loss that may arise