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BitConnect (BCC)

BitConnect is a cryptocurrency website that allows its members to learn more about investment opportunities and provides general education about the crypto community. There, people who enjoy freedom gather to seek independence from paper currency. Others look for income stability in the very unstable world we currently live in.

BitConnect coins are basically decentralized cryptocurrency that allow people to store their wealth in a currency not controlled by the government, while earning a significant percentage of interest on their investment. Most users are also attracted by the wide acceptability and the level of security of BitConnect coins.

This means that the third-party is eliminated, saving users time and transaction charges. Interactive charts show the BitConnect coin’s strength against other popular paper currencies such as the USD, GBP and the EUR. Information regarding the last bid placed, 24 hour high and volume are also available.

Besides that, there is BitConnect Lending, which, like with paper currency, allows people loan out their BCCs in return for a high (up to 40%) rate of return a month, as stated on the website. The interest is calculated on daily rests. Upon investment term completion, lenders are able to withdraw their BitConnects, or optionally reinvest on the platform.

Another method of earning through BitConnect is mining. It is the process by which new BitConnect Coins are placed into circulation. A common mining technique is pool mining, where a large group of users pool’ their computing power together to solve complex mathematical problems (to release coins) and the rewards are shared proportionally among the users. Do not be fooled, for the reward for the efforts of some high-performance CPUs range from 0.15 to 0.2 Bitcoin per day, which translates into $400 to $500 based on the current rate.

In addition to the others services on the website, BitConnect publishes updated news on the crypto community for members to keep up to date with new businesses that accept Bitcoin, blockchain technology, and Bitcoin laws in various countries. These are all free for users.

Lastly, for the newbies, a beginner’s guide to Bitcoin. You can find answers to even the simplest of questions there, including topics such as What is Bitcoin?’ or What is Bitcoin Mining?’. These articles are written by professionals with extensive knowledge on the subject. Not a reading person? They’ve got you covered. As an alternative means, videos discussing these questions are also produced. As an alternative means, videos discussing these questions are also produced.


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