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BTCurrencies Celebrates ByteCoin Being Unblocked by Popular Poloniex Crypto Currency Exchange

With interest in crypto currencies at an all-time high, information portal BTCurrencies.com is reporting on the rising interest and acceptance of cutting edge new private crypto currency ByteCoin. All signs point to the project’s rapid, safe expansion.

August 15, 2017, In exciting news to crypto currency enthusiasts, BTCurrencies.com has announced the private untraceable digital currency ByteCoin has been added to the trusted crypto currenncy exchange Poloniex. This addition is sure to expand the awareness and reach of the growing crypto currency, which has been praised for its security, the speed of its network and ease of use. All signs point towards the value of ByteCoin rising fast.

“We have recommend ByteCoin the most since its launch so we are quite pleased to see this endorsement be confirmed by a growing number of other experts and resources in the crypto currency space,” commented a spokesperson from BTCurrencies.com. “We are also pleased to serve as a place where ByteCoin can be purchased for people who would like to get in on the currency now while price is very inviting.”

According to the crypto currency insiders, the recent split in the Bit Coin blockchain has added to interest in alternative options built on different networks, who have the benefit of having observed and learned from the Bit Coin experience. News and discussion in this area is available on BTCurrencies.com, which is updated frequently to keep readers informed with the latest breaking updates from this space that has attracted the interest from tech lovers, Libertarians and normal people interested in escaping the traditional world of money exchange to varying degrees.

Readers have endorsed BTCurrencies.com for their reporting accuracy.

John H., from Washington, recently said in a five star review, “I used BTCurrencies.com to keep me up to date on the latest crypto coin news. They put me on to ByteCoin which I’m using and love very much, along with two other larger coins I’m also invested in.”

For more information be sure to visit https://www.btcurrencies.com.

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