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Just 2 days left to invest in the BIGGEST ICO of 2017/18

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The biggest ICO of 2017/18, Trade.io, is soon to close its ICO stage on January 4 and it’s the last chance for investors to take part in the revolutionary cryptocurrency exchange.

London, 02/01/2018 : Hurry Hurry! It’s just 2 days left to invest in Trade.io, the BIGGEST ICO of the year. Largely hailed as the “next big thing in the cryptocurrency world” by biggies like BTCurrencies, Trade.io is a next-generation cryptocurrency exchange that has launched a new era in the digital currency world by building the first-ever blockchain (Ethereum ERC-20) trading platform. The company has also created history by developing the FIRST liquidity pool of the industry which distributes up to 50% of daily revenue to pool participants.
Trade.io has introduced its unique utility token by the name of “Trade Token”. The new token can be used to purchase new assets and also ICOs/IPOs on Trade.io exchange. Trade Tokens will help you to take part in Trade.io’s shared liquidity pool.
Trade.io’s ICO stage will last till January 4, 2018. 1ETH = 600 Trade Tokens
“What separates Trade.io from other cryptocurrency exchanges and one of the main reasons why we champion it as a solid investment platform is its revolutionary liquidity pool. Much to the convenience of investors, Trade.io’s liquidity pool is the first pool in the industry that will enable participants to participate and reap benefits from the pool’s success. There is no other cryptocurrency exchange around that offers such amazing facilities and promises such great investment opportunities. The pool also comes with multi transparent revenue streams such as margin financing and transactional proceeds. But the thing is Trade.io’s ICO stage is about to close by 4th of January. So, you only have 2 days left to start the New Year on a prosperous note”, smiled Thomas Mattwiew, the CEO of BTCurrencies.com.
10% of Trade Tokens would be invested in Trade.io’s liquidity pool for trading. Participants will need simply 2500 tokens to access the pool.
“We are all about forwarding the best in the cryptocurrency world and we are dedicated to champion the most promising platforms in the digital currency scene.”
Trade.io is currency in its final development stage and has been able to raise $11million+ in its Pre-ICO stage. At present, the state of the art cryptocurrency exchange is bustling with $20,512,000 funding raised from 11,973 participants. Trade.io all about democratizing financial markets via its exclusive blockchain-based trading platform that promises stellar investment opportunities for investors. A host of big names have already expressed interest to ICO or IPO in Trade.io’s exchange, including IncenstivesSA, The Great Fundamentals, The Human Baton and so on.
According to BTCurrencies Trade.io presents most potential investment opportunities with its host of unique features 

  • Trade.io has promised safest and most transparent transaction for participants through indelible receipt on each transaction.
  • The company is backed by a highly accomplished and seasoned team of experts from fin-tech, banking, investment and cryptocurrency world.
  • The Trade.io e-wallet assures secured storage medium for fiat, cryptocurrency and many other tokenized assets.
  • The cryptocurrency exchange platform has established a revolutionary P2P trading platform which will deliver 1M transfers each second through “state channels”.

“Trade.io is aimed to keep all scalability issues at bay which we often see in most of the blockchain applications. Put simply, it’s the ICO that we have been waiting for”, Mattwiew added in.
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