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LydianCoin 50% ICO Discount as New Year’s Special

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Singapore, January 2, 2018 – Gravity4, a leading big data marketing cloud which introduced LydianCoin Pte Ltd. (“Lydian”), its Singapore limited company, today announced heightened interest in its coin offering and a special promotion that will end on January 7th, 2018, allowing the crypto-community to participate at $0.25 per token, at a 50% discount from its public crowdsale price

As the ICO enters Lot 4, this New Year’s promotion is expected to help accelerate the companies ICO completion. LydianCoin is the blockchain division of Gravity4. LydianCoin, is a utility-token, that will immediately offer A.I. marketing services for blockchain brands. The Company is also building two bold products using blockchain technology, MonaChain and MonaBrowse. 

MonaChain will be a hyper-frequency ledger that will combat ad-fraud, as the programmatic industry will lose $16.4 billion this year from it. MonaBrowse will be an ad-free browser extension, and will be what iTunes did for music piracy, for publishers that suffer $40 billion annually from 700 million ad-blockers installed today. 

To participate in this promotion, which is set to expire on January 7th, 2018. You can visit the website at: tokensale.lydian.io and use promo code: LDN50 using the portal. For more information on Lydian, please visit Lydian.io

About Gravity4


Gravity4 is the world’s first high-frequency machine-learning marketing OS, built to enhance the advertising and SaaS industries. It collates customer experience so marketers can target a customer throughout the entire purchase journey and across all consumer touch-points, regardless of delivery channel. Its proprietary AI technology, Mona Lisa, builds a consumer persona by aggregating data across channels. The platform’s fluid and constant in-stream of data are sorted into a semantic graph to form connection clusters, using the correlation variables. All through a single click, it empowers agencies and marketers to allow connected software to optimize a manually driven $200 billion global advertising market. The company’s headquarters are in Miami, but it has offices in Sydney, Stockholm, Oslo, Auckland, Madrid, Singapore, Copenhagen, London, Dublin, Amsterdam, Helsinki, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Kuala Lumpur, Christchurch, and Taipei.

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