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Titcoin (TIT)

Titcoin is a digital currency called cryptocurrency that applies cryptography to process transactions between the clients or customers and vendors. They are mainly designed for the adult entertainment industry viewers because of problems associated with paying for adult entertainment using traditional methods. Titcoin is similar to Bitcoin and uses the same set of cryptographic hash functions as Bitcoin does. The difference is the number of coins to be given, the number of coins to be issued per block, the average block time and the network difficulty retarget period. Titcoin is therefore designed with improved transaction speeds and ease in network performance.

Titcoin was mainly developed for the adult entertainment industry to enable the currency owners to easily make payments for adult products and services without histories about those product purchases appearing on their credit cards. It provides for privacy since it allows the clients of the adult entertainment to make transactions without using personal details. Titcoin also offers zero chargebacks to adult businesses as well as full freedom from dealing with other financial companies.

Like most digital currencies, Titcoin is used to pay for products and services and it offers several features that make them very convenient for clients of the adult entertainment products. Unlike the traditional payment methods, they allow shorter transaction periods and provides anonymity as it does not require customers to supply their credit card information. Titcoin cryptocurrency is already making changes in the adult entertainment industry and the performers who do webcam streaming are interested in receiving payments in form of Titcoins from viewers.

The Titcoin has helped the adult entertainment viewers who do not want to reveal their charges to adult products and services on their account statements. Titcoins have no limits as this cryptocurrency can also be used for other online and offline businesses such as online stores, night clubs, vending machines and college bars alongside the adult entertainment industry.

Titcoin plays a central role in the adult entertainment industry with the ability to solve industry problems that the traditional payment methods never covered. They are also the best choice as it allows vendors to select between a variety of ways to offer their products such as pay per download or pay per view.

As it offers more flexible payment options and privacy as compared to the traditional payment methods, the Titcoin currency has been adopted by several companies mainly in the adult entertainment industry.


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