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FundFantasy launches ICO with free contest and lucrative bonus


FundFantasy, the first provably-fair financial fantasy trading portal, is running its ICO this month. Investors can participate by signing up for free contest and enjoy great bonuses.

Malta, march 8t, 2018: Revolutionary financial fantasy trading platform FundFantasy has recently launched its ICO in the last week of February. The latest ICO comes with free contest and amazing bonus opportunities for investors. According to reports from leading cryptocurrency resource platform BTCurrencies.com, the FundFantasy ICO has already received interests from more than 600 participants in just two weeks.

The FundFantasy ICO was launched on February 25 and will run till March 25, 2018.

The Token price for the ICO is 1 ETH = 1000 FUNDZ (FundFantasy Token). The minimum investment stake is 0.1 ETH or 100 FUNDZ. Added to ETH, participants can take part in the ICO with BTC or other popular currencies.

The bonus amount ranges from 20%- 25% and more. Participants will be able to earn a whopping 50% bonus on investment of > 100 ETH or its equivalent in other currencies.

The principle of the investment contest (free contest) will invest 10,000 virtual dollars in 4 kinds of major assets- commodities, stocks, currencies and cryptocurrencies.

“Our platform is based on the philosophy that ‘all investors are players’ and we are looking forward to make the best of such ethos”, smiled Daniel Vaisman, the co-founder of FundFantasy.

Inspired by online poker rooms, FundFantasy has landed up on the virtual space as the FIRST provably-fair financial fantasy trading portal where users can compete for great prizes by creating the ultimate portfolio. As per details from BTCurrencies.com, the site is powered by intuitive gameplay and cutting-edge blockchain technology which makes playing on the platform both fun and more secured than ever.

According to statements of Mr. Vaisman, FundFantasy stresses on transparent and trust-less gaming and is focused to resolve the common problems of both online gambling and online trading space.

“The current financial investment space doesn’t bother much about investor/trader’s gambling instinct. Thus, there is hardly any concept of Responsible Gaming and Self-Exclusion here. We believe it’s a serious injustice to retail traders and we are looking to solve the issue with FundFantasy. Moreover many investors, especially the amateur ones, are not so aware of the risk management complexities in the investment world and then eventually end up with huge losses. But our new platform is committed to eliminate such worries now by offering investors the opportunity to win great prizes whilst keeping their expenses fixed- irrespective of market volatility. The investment capital in FundFantasy could be as little as ‘0’ and you can also take advantage of our free daily contests that promise cryptocurrency prizes.”

Speaking further, he emphasized FundFantasy will allow both amateur and professional economic analysts to win lottery-sized jackpots without putting huge amount of money at stake.

“Most importantly, we promise a completely transparent investment environment, that, unlike the current investment scenario, will eliminate any risk of fraudulent mechanism for the safety of the investors.”

From June, FundFantasy will roll out multiple competitions that will carry entry tickets ranging from few francs to thousands of them. The FUNDZ token will allow users to buy entry ticket for the contests which will pay out in other currencies like ETH, BTC and so on. All the contest details will be mentioned upfront for examination by participants. The deposits and withdrawals will be delivered automatically and without any form of human intervention.

For more information, please visit https://www.btcurrencies.com/news/when-investing-becomes-an-online-game.html

Tokensale website: https://www.fundfantasy.io
Telegram Group : t.me/fundfantasy
Facebook page : facebook.com/fundfantasy
Twitter Channel :twitter.com/fund_fantasy


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