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LydianCoin Offers 50% Discount to Crypto Community for 48 hours, as market continues its efforts to rebound.

lydian ICO

LydianCoin is currently LIVE with its ICO, with 10 days remaining. Due to the recent, cryptocurrency market fluctuation, the Company is offering the crypto community a 50% good-faith discount for the next 48 hours as the market rebounds from its current efforts.

Lydian has recently announced its partnership with ByteCoin as it becomes the first ICO to accept ByteCoin as a payment method during its public crowdsale. The company has also announced the developments of the Whisper Network protocol, the fastest directed acyclic graph ledger that will solve the elements of scalability, security, and true decentralization as it achieves consensus using A.I. at record speeds.

Lydian, is a subsidiary of the DaVinci Marketing Cloud, a company that works with Fortune 500 brands all across the globe. The team behind Lydian has created over $1 billion in shareholder value and this is their most ambitious product yet. Lydian will be building two decentralized applications using their own Whisper Network Protocol. MonaChain will combat ad-fraud, while MonaBrowse will combat the rise of ad-blockers.

In order to participate in the 48 hour promotion, please visit tokensale.lydian.io and when submitting your deposit use promo code ICO50 at checkout. This promotion will expire on February 7th, 2018.

About DaVinci Marketing Cloud

DaVinci11 is the world’s first high-frequency, machine-learning, marketing OS, built to enhance the advertising and SaaS industries. It collates customer experiences so marketers can target a customer throughout the entire purchase journey and across all consumer touch-points, regardless of delivery channel. Its proprietary AI technology, Mona Lisa, builds a consumer persona by aggregating data across many channels. The platform’s fluid and constant in-stream of data is sorted into a semantic graph to form connection clusters, using the correlation variables. All through a single click, it empowers agencies and marketers to allow connected software to optimize a manually driven $230 billion global advertising market. The company’s headquarters are in Miami, but it has offices in Sydney, Auckland, Madrid, Singapore, London, Dublin, Amsterdam, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Kuala Lumpur, Christchurch, Taipei, and India.

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