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FundFantasy Announces ICO And Development Of Financial Fantasy Contest Platform

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On February 25th this year, FundFantasy’s Initial Coin Offering, ICO, is poised to launch for FundTokens, FUNDZ. To be more precise, FundTokens is an innovative and functional utility token which is intended to be used in conjunction with their forthcoming financial contest platform, which is blockchain-powered. The primary objective of this particular project is to offer retail traders as well as other commercial enthusiasts an excellent opportunity to acquire the necessary financial analytical skills. What’s more, by designing the ultimate portfolio in a safe, fun and conducive environment, it is widely believed that the users would be in a high position to win a variety of prizes.
It is projected that a total of eighty million FUNDZ will be mined during the launch. The value of one thousand FUNDZ will be equivalent to one Ethereum at launch. It is worth to mention that FundTokens offer users a chance to participate in FundFantasy contests which pay out in the form of cryptocurrencies such as FUNDZ, Ethereum (ETH) as well as Bitcoin (BTC)

According to Zander Tal, who is the CEO and co-founder, this is an innovative platform that guarantees an entirely different experience full of fantasy for both gamers who are motivated to try out financial trading and investors seeking for a secure and fun version of the actual thing. Zander adds that their platform gives both established and upcoming financial analysts an equal chance to win endless prizes, and without the application of both leverage and trading on margin.
Fraud accusations, coupled with other associated scandals of online marketing are the primary reasons why the FundFantasy platform was created. Typically, the platform is scheduled to be launched in June 2018. It should be noted that this particular trading platform currently runs on an invite-only basis. It will be opened to the public before the launch of ICO, in a special prize-paying competition event.
The platform boasts peer-to-peer investing competitions which are provably-fair simulated. This implies that clients compete for cryptocurrency prizes by creating a simulated investment portfolio. Users put aside one million virtual US dollars to their both short and long positions on the available assets on the platform and are eligible to take part in competitions carrying ETH, BTC or FUNDZ prizes. In creating a portfolio, clients can select assets from different categories including, cryptocurrencies, stocks, fiat currencies as well as commodities. These user-modified portfolios are ranked and sorted after the completion of the contest and according to their respective return rates, which is calculated by the price quotes from renowned financial data APIs. However, there is no real ownership of financial assets.
Real world investing tends to lean exclusively in favor of brokerage properties and retail investors and advisors alike, usually become victims of the so-called calculated risk. Thankfully, FundFantasy is designed in such a way that it mitigates this kind of problem by giving aspiring investors an opportunity to control their destiny.
FundFantasy will burn 0.5% of all the FundToken transactions automatically, implying that the total supply of the tokens will decrease as time goes. The FundTokens which will remain unsold after the launch of ICO will be donated proportionally to the users according to their holdings in relation to the overall tokens sold.
According to Zander, they are incredibly excited to be the individuals introducing such kind of platform to the decentralized economy. He adds that online gambling, as well as fantasy sports, have gained lots of popularity in recent years, and FundFantasy aims to bridge the gap between gaming and finance. It not only offers a safe, but also guarantees users straightforward and seamless way to play the role of a fund manager, win lots of prizes and develop with time. Indeed, it is a highly innovative online marketing platform. Even BTCurrencies.com recommends it.
The launch of FundFantasy’s ICO will begin on Feb 25, at 12 PM, 2018 and will run until March 25 the same year. Any individual who will purchase FundTokens during this period will enjoy a significant bonus regarding the token purchase, with twenty-five percent in the first eight hours, fifteen percent off during the next 24hrs and ten percent during the rest of the remaining period.

Who are the experts behind FundFantasy?

FundFantasy is made up of highly experienced professionals with diverse backgrounds in Information Technology, crypto economics, and business as well. Zander Tal, a Co-founder, and the current CEO have more than ten years of experience in business management, sales, accounting, online trading, and entrepreneurship. On the other hand, Vaisman Daniel, the COO, and a Co-founder is not only a blockchain guru, but crypto economics as well. Equally, he is a successful online marketer with ten years of programming expertise and IT knowledge. Finally, the company’s chairman, Kanza Tzahi, has worked as a founder and CEO of various global firms for over seventeen years in both low and high-tech capacities.
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