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FundTokens (FUNDZ)

fund fantasy

FundFantasy is a fun and secure online financial trading platform that allows its users the ability to craft their portfolio, select a contest to participate in and win attractive prizes. The platform is powered by Blockchain technology and combines online trading with online gambling markets. The platform tries to solve several problems in both gambling and trading markets. Due to its fairness and transparency, FundFantasy has gained a massive following by most gaming and financial enthusiasts.

What makes FundFantasy Unique?

Unlike several other US-based DFS providers, FundFantasy encrypts their portfolio data, and no employee or staff can gain access. The data is published only when the contest begins. All the details are availed for users to analyze before they can join. The details include date, prizes, duration, dates, entries and ticket prices and more.

The most desirable thing about FundFantasy is that prices are predetermined, meaning there are no market volatilities and related risks. Besides, the prices are determined by reputable third-party data providers. Their site is very reliable and that all the portfolios are secured immediately after submission up to the time when the contest begins. When unlocked, the portfolio can then be seen by other contestants. The platform doesn’t buy an asset for a trader; instead, it depends on the market data to provide calculations.

According to FundFantasy, contests change based on the asset-class, size, and duration. However, the good thing is that the platform accomplishes everything without any human intervention. It does a couple of tasks including managing the deposits a trader or gamer makes, purchases, prizes and even withdrawals.

FundFantasy accepts Ethereum or ETH currency where 1ETH is equivalent to 1000 Fundz. FundTokens (FUNDZ) are used to buy tickets to be used for entry into the contest.

The contests are hosted on their platform. The total number of ICO they supplied and are available for presale is 4 million tokens, but the target amount
is 80 million. Their token sale start date will be on 25th February 2018 GMT 12:00 and will end on 25th March 2018 GMT 12:00.

How to enter the contest

For one to enter the contest, they have to design their portfolio using a provided list of assets. However, a participant must buy a ticket to the contest for them to submit their portfolio. The proceeds made from the sale of tickets are paid to prize winners and to fund the network. Winners can grab up to 95% of the money realized from the sale of tickets. A reward allocation method is used to award the winners. The method allows for computerized payments, thus allowing for speedy transactions. Deposits and withdrawals are automated as well.

For one to buy the tokens, they can send their ETH to a provided address. The address is issued and made public before the token sale is opened. Additionally, a bonus schedule is also used to reward participants during the token sale period. However, the schedule is prone to change. The bonus schedule for the next token sale indicates that participants can receive up to 25% bonus for the first eight hours. Those who’ll buy the tokens in the next 24 hours will grab up to 15% while those purchasing anytime during the rest of the week will get 10% bonus. They have so much more designed exclusively for online gamers and traders.

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