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BTCurrencies.com excited about the recent PRE-ICO launch of top favorite crypto token DIW

DIW has just launched it’s PRE-ICO which will last till March 20. The revolutionary blockchain-based decentralized global network is dedicated to solve the growing online frauds and data breach mishaps in the current virtual space.

Cyprus, March 9th, 2018: Those worried over the increasing mishaps of data breach these days can finally heave a sigh of relief. New state of the art blockchain digital platform DIW, which is committed to solve advancing data breaches, has finally launched its Pre-ICO this month.

The Pre-ICO was launched on March 6 and will continue till March 20, 2018.

The DIW token price for the pre-ICO phase is -1 ETH= 8000 DIW. The minimum contribution for the current phase is 0.5 ETH. DIW is mostly accepting Ether (ETH) for the Pre-ICO phase.

“Blockchain digital platforms are launching their token sale every now and then but we have been particularly waiting for the DIW token sale . We champion the fact that DIW is taking such strict measures regarding optimum security in the crypto industry and the virtual world. Looking at the constant data frauds happening around, it’s the need of the hour. In fact, we are the biggest fan of DIW and we are extremely excited about its recent pre-ICO launch. We are confident that the DIW platform is about to dawn in a revolution in the current data space and that too for better”, stated a report from BTCurrencies.com.

DIW can be defined as a breakthrough blockchain-based global network that is aimed to safeguard and secure the virtual space with an encrypted decentralized environment. According to the statements of Stephanos Constantinou, the CEO and co-founder of DIW, the blockchain digital platform is on the mission to resolve the key problems plaguing the modern world.

“We are presently under severe risk of data breach. Volumes of sensitive data are being stolen or intercepted globally and sometimes such mishaps result to unfathomable consequences- both offline and online. Then, online fraud incidents show an alarming rise in recent times and a recent survey has pointed out 75% companies have faced serious cases of virtual fraud. DIW has been launched with the vision to solve these ghastly issues and make the virtual life safer for all of us”, stated Mr. Constantinou.

DIW is backed by 5 main features to realize its mission-

Secured digital vault

DIW has come up with a secured digital vault where users will be able to store their “Virtual Life” safely, including all kinds of valuable data- financial data, personal ID documents, wills, health care records, login details and much more. The vault will also handle users’ cryptocurrency coins. The wallet will stand as the unique identity of each user within DIW network and it will grant users access to the global web of DIW members. DIW holders will be able to access the DIW network anonymously for optimum safety.

As a member of DIW network, users will be able to continue transactions with other members on the same network and exchange information & services with them. Access to the network will be only granted to valid account holders who have confirmed their accounts with KYS/KYC documentation.

Payment Gateway

DIW is also offering a secured and ground breaking medium to site owners to accept payments using the DIW’s single login decentralized portal. The payments can be accepted in any popular currency, be it crypto or FIAT. The Payment Gateway will serve as a smoothly integrated checkout system for e-commerce sites, including those with Open-Source CMS.

Global Directory

DIW is looking forward to launch a great global directory where account holders will list their services and extend their reach to more markets in the world. The directory will house a smart rating system to ensure transparency and trust in between account holders.

Paid Escrow

Then, DIW is planning to extend state of the art smart contract-based escrow service which is geared to shield transactions in between parties. The paid escrow service will be simple yet sophisticated and will make sure all transaction conditions have been met before funds are released.

Electronic Health Records

DIW is also driven by the vision to ensure encrypted storage and secured sharing of personal Electronic Health Records between account holders and labs and other medical service providers.

The DIW tokens will be distributed to pre-ICO participants before 27th March. After distribution, all the DIW tokens can be traded privately by the users. These tokens will be listed on cryptocurrency exchanges as well and token holders will be allowed to sell their tokens or buy additional ones. Moreover, DIW tokens can be utilized for services within DIW network as well.

For more information, please visit https://diwtoken.com


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