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XinFin (XDCE)

XinFin, a Singapore based Blockchain Technology Company, is working in Business Process Efficiency improvement space and has implemented Blockchain solutions for global trade and finance. XinFin’s TradeFinex marketplace is powered by their XDC Protocol and supports peer-to-peer trading and finance smart contracts between governments, beneficiaries, financiers, investors and suppliers. TradeFinex offers a platform to connect beneficiaries, financiers and suppliers to look at projects posted globally and bid on it based on their expertise and interest.

XinFin (http://www.xinfin.org) has introduced Hybrid Blockchain and solutions for global trade and finance. XinFin’s hybrid Blockchain platform is highly scalable, safe, permissioned, commercial grade and contains the best features of Quorum, Bitcoin and Ethereum.

XinFin’s website offers a better understanding about utility token and XDC protocol –https://youtu.be/K-tHZkV6zAs

Their website is also very professional and elaborate on their mission and future plans. The white paper consists of a plethora of information about XinFin and its XDC protocol. The details mentioned on XinFin’s website are self-explanatory. XinFin team consists of members who are highly qualifiedand belong to the same industry.

XinFin has recently announced the token sale of its utility tokens and revealedits pioneering hybrid blockchain XDC protocol.The ERC20 utility token XDCE are accessible through the XinFin public ICO. These tokens will provide the access to the XDC protocol and its subnetworks by accommodating XDC masternodes.

As per their roadmap provided on the website, in 2018they focus on improving their website to offer a better user experience, support peer to peer trade and finance using their TradeFinex Dapp.

XinFin’s TradeFinex platform has a working prototype with Assocham (The Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India). XinFin is also working in partnership with chief fortune 500 clients globally and has brilliantly executed more than ten pilot projects in Aviation, Travel, Banking, Supply chain, Trade and Finance. The company has launched three more innovative Blockchain solutions excluding TradeFinex which are Business Efficiency solutions, Private Sub-networks and E-Wallets & Remittance.

In essence, it can be said that XinFin is working on leveraging the perks of blockchain technology to meet the demand of investors or suppliers by offering them a secure environment for financial transactions. It is catering to the need to help governments fund infrastructure schemes by using XDC tokens. XinFin is using its technology to solve real-world challenges by improving efficiency across various businesses by allowing realistic projects to be organized on blockchain-powered smart contracts.

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