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BurstCoin (BURST)

BurstCoin is a digital secure crypto currency, which uses a special algorithm (POC), by which people from all over the world can mine BURST. This crypto online platform was introduced in the market in August 2014. Since then it gives the opportunity to miners to use their free space in hard drive disk and benefit from an easily accessible cloud file storage system.

POC Mining

Through this online platform, users have the option to use this special algorithm (POC), in which the users can use their storage space in order to mine. For example, they can run a number of plots (chucks of data) at a time, which are saved to their disk. In fact, the more plots they use, the more chances they have to have a transaction. These plots create their mining speed. The computer performs the calculations only one, and then just read some megabytes off a hard disk in a few minutes. This is what differentiates it from the other usual calculations, like the Bitcoin ones.

How BurstCoin system works

Users can use BurstCoin in order to aqcuire a number of different things internationally. In fact, this special money system has already been part of many transactions for a number of goods and services. More specifically any person can mine and has the opportunity to add more blocks to the chain. But hey need to have a mathematical proof in order the blocks to be confirmed. Many users have to spend a lot of time, in order to try to figure out how they can get up with a valid and reliable proof. As miners come on this online platform and pool numbers go up, their transactions can be confirmed in less time. This means that they can actually mine more blocks in a shorter period of time.

Digital Crypto Currency

This special kind of currency doesn’t resemble the usual paper money, like the euro or the dollar. Instead, it is created digitally. This is actually one of its great advantages; no one can just print it and use it. In addition, BurstCoin is not a GPU or CPU miner. With this special crypto currency, miners just have to start mining by ploting some space.

Users can set up their wallet in an easy and simple way, without having to spend any money. In fact, they can begin using it in just a few seconds. Everyone has some free space on their storage on their drive and they can use it in order to mine BURST with no up front cost for the average miners.

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BurstCoin (BURST)
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