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Top 3 tips to choose a reliable crypto exchange in 2019

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The heightened popularity of cryptocurrencies has led to the mushroom growth of crypto exchanges all across the globe. If you check the crypto news scene, you will find that at least one exchange is being launched every other day. But, not all exchanges are up to the mark. A few weeks ago, the crypto world was abuzz with the news of fake trading volume data from several crypto exchanges. Thus crypto traders, especially the beginners, should be especially careful in finding the right crypto exchange. It’s the exchange that will hold your investment and operate your trading. You have to be extremely careful in choosing the most compatible platform for you.

Market survey

Don’t make the mistake of settling with the first ever crypto exchange you come across online. As per the experts, the wisest thing here is to take a comparative study on at least 5-6 exchanges beforehand. You will find expert review sites online where you will get detailed discussions on the features as well as the pros and cons of every exchange. Look for an exchange that has been able to garner rave reviews in the market.

Easy trading platform

A reliable trading platform caters to both native and advanced traders. It should be user-friendly and convenient to comprehend for a beginner. Alongside, it should also feature advanced trading tools for seasoned traders. You certainly don’t want to hop from one exchange to another when you scale up your skill level as a trader.

Besides, look for an exchange that can assure you faster transactions.

Tight security

Hacking attacks on crypto exchanges are nothing new. In fact, such mishaps have discouraged many new traders to join the crypto league. But, of course, you can’t deny the huge potential of crypto in the current and future investment scene. And, a crypto exchange is the only place where you can execute your crypto trading. Just make sure to look for an exchange which has deployed advanced security measures. A reliable exchange will store most of the coins in cold wallets.

DECOIN is a rising global exchange which keeps 97 percent of all its crypto assets in offline cold wallets. As they are not stored online, they are way beyond the reach of hackers. For the remaining 3 percent, the exchange uses secured online hot wallets and all these coins are backed by insurance. The DECOIN also takes to constant monitoring to locate illicit attacks on time.

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