What is the objective of the WORLD BLOCKCHAIN AND CRYPTOCURRENCY SUMMIT 2018? This may be a nagging question that many people are pondering on at the moment. The goal of this year’s summit is to establish a decentralized online future for an environment without blockages or distractions.

The WBCSummit platform will be putting together the representatives of crypto bodies, the most involved users of the international blockchain environment, banks, investment companies, foundations, authorities and IDACB’s members.

In the area of regulation and blockchain technology, this year summit and gathering will establish a model for the exchange of success, experience and knowledge. The sessions during the event will highlight the interaction of the cryptosphere framework with the state associations and as well the dedicated regulatory structure that operates the platform.

The WBCSummit will feature thirty global organisations and over four hundred first-class experts responsible for the blockchain control in Asia, Africa, the Near East, the North America and Europe. Another amazing thing that will be noticed in the event is the appearance of the most influential and respected speakers of the moment.

To drive positive changes and structure the international digital agenda in the environment of cryptocurrency and blockchain remains the overall goal of the WBCSummit this year.

The event will remain a platform of professional’s strength for designing favourable investment and authorized regulations in the area of using blockchain achictectures and technologies. The program at the event will feature five ultimate sessions. This can be found in the likes of regulation, cryptotrading, cryptocurrencies, blockchain and ICO.

This unique platform and service remains an innovative medium for constant gatherings of IDACB core users and members. According to BtCurrencies, the constant meetings of these IDACB representatives and members will take place up to three to four times yearly. The meetings will also discuss the technical and authorized areas of cryptotrading, blockchain and ICO.

Tickets Booking:

The tickets booking will involve a plethora of categories, starting from a visitor, standard, business and VIP:

Visitors: For early bid visitors, you will be able to purchase at ten thousand Rubles with access to working sessions. There is no guarantee for seats at the visitor level.

Standard: Twenty-five thousand Rubles will guarantee the position of early bid cost at the standard level. Standard entries will display access to plenary sessions, access to work sessions and access to lunch communication hall.

Business: The business level entry for early bid cost remains sixty thousand Rubles. This includes second row seats, access to cryptoparty night, access to ICO-pitch session, access to working sessions and access to plenary sessions.

VIP: With twenty ETH, securing the VIP position remains possible. The benefits include first row seats, VIP lounge, VIP breakfast, VIP entrance and business package inclusive.


Apart from the wonderful information that the WORLD BLOCKCHAIN AND CRYPTOCURRENCY SUMMIT 2018 will provide you, the event unleashes great and amazing speakers such as Brad Garlinghouse, Joseph Muscat, German Klimenko, Lon Wong, Muhammad Salma Anjum, Dr. Rhea Mehta, Keith Lim and just to mention a few. Hover on the WBCSummit website and register today. BtCurrencies recommend that people from the crypto world should attend and participate in this upcoming and wonderful event.

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