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FundFantasy Partners up with Coinomi

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All-in-one multi-asset, multi-coin HD wallet Coinomi has recently announced that it will join forces with financial fantasy platform FundFantasy. According to BTCurrencies.com, Coinomi has opened its doors to FundFantasy and in the support of FUNDZ tokens for their vaunted cryptocurrency wallet. Among other new features is the ability for users to have a one-click capability and participate in FundFantasy’s token sale when it goes live on the 25th. FundFantasy’s token, FUNDZ is set at a cap of $15 million.

The partnership between companies FundFantasy and Coinomi is a wonderful process development that benefits both sides. Coinomi is a popular multicoin wallet that supports a wide variety of cryptocoins along with a robust security system. With it, users can conveniently manage or trade their tokens after an ICO phase. FundFantasy CEO Tal Zander has mentioned that their team is currently in collaboration with George Kimionis, and his involvement in the financial fantasy platform’s advisory board has been so far very fruitful and productive. FundFantasy continues to enjoy heightened awareness and token exposure as they await the ICO phase. He further said that exchange integration with other online wallets continue to be a great success.

The joining of forces between Coinomi and FundFantasy entails George Kimionis’ involvement as Senior Adviser in the FundFantasy team. Kimionis’ expertise in both financial and trading software is a much-needed boost, as is his numerous successful startups where he took part in or was an investor of. Suffice to say, he will be a great addition to the team that powers the FundFantasy platform.

FundFantasy’s Vision

The creators of FundFantasy initially wanted their platform to disrupt the current online trading industry by eliminating internal conflicts of interest, opportunities for massive fraud and moral hazards, thereby enhancing overall user experience and making it a safer and more secure medium against counterparty risks. FundFantasy was built from the ground up to be a transparent, fair, secure and responsible resource for the online trading market while offering an innovative gaming system to a decentralized economy. George Kimionis stated that FundFantasy has made a secure environment where players can have fun speculating and trading online. He further said that it proved to be a great match for Coinomi’s vision, so much that the founder invested in the ICO token. The Coinomi platform opened a direct mechanism for wallet holders to participate into the token sale of FUNDZ via a one-click service. Their Coinami wallet will fully integrate FUNDZ so they can manage and trade it along with all the other cryptocoins they have.

About Coinomi

Coinomi is an industry-leading online wallet that supports multiple token and cryptocoin assets. It features a source-available, transparent code that’s publicly available for individuals to check out. The enhanced anonymity and privacy means that there’s no tracking of transactions, zero identity linking and virtually no association of IP addresses. Users can easily convert in-between their altcoin assets from within the app via Changelly and ShapeShift. Once the app is accessed there’s no additional sign-ups and steps. The Coinomi team is currently working on translating their app to many languages; there’s support for Chinese, Russian and many more in the pipeline.

About FundFantasy

FundFantasy is an online fantasy trading platform where users can play as a fund manager or an investor and move up the ranks in a skill-based setting. In playing the trading game, users can win FUNDZ tokens, Ether, Bitcoin and other prizes using prediction and learned trading skills. The platform entails users creating their very own stock portfolio based on blockchain-based technology. FUNDZ is the symbol for FundToken, having a total supply of 80 million and a sale hardcap of 56 million FUNDZ or $15 million, whichever occurs first. FUNDZ has a deflationary property, which means that .5 percent of transactions will “burn out” and decrease over time. The token can be used by investors to invest in the fantasy trading platform or for buying entry tickets on FundFantasy contests. Undistributed tokens that aren’t bought in the ICO sale will be distributed among the existing participants and is relative to the amount of tokens sold.

FundFantasy is currently entering the last stage of development. Interested parties can visit https://www.fundfantasy.com and test out the latest version of the game platform. FundTokens (symbol- FUNDZ) are now being used to power FundFantasy.

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