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DIW announces a partnership with Ties.DB

It is now confirmed that DIW and Ties.DB are now partners. The partnership, announced by DIW is the newest development in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry. Ties.DB, the world’s first ever database for the cryptocurrency community is a distributed and decentralized database for storing Ethereum-based DApps (Decentralized Applications). It was created by the cryptocurrency community to serve the crypto community. It completed its Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) in October 2017, raising $9 million.

In the new partnership, DIW will proceed with encrypting every database transaction before utilizing the services offered by its partner, Ties.DB. In turn, this will further encrypt, decentralize, and store Ties.DB’s database, providing optimum security for the DIW project network and enhancing its speed. It is expected that this partnership will guarantee the availability of DIW’s most critical data.

DIW is said to be a next-generation blockchain-based decentralized worldwide network whose members can maintain, store, and selectively share any kind of sensitive digital data and also their services in an entirely secure, and fully transparent environment.
DIW has had various achievements in the recent past;

Over the past few days, ICO rating sites, blockchain specialists, and individuals from across the have been posting rave reviews about the DIW project. The project has gathered unmatched levels of endorsements from the crypto community, which has seen it amass a fan base with more than 23k supporters.

The project, which is in its crowd-funding stage at present, has already completed its period for whitelist private participation. Its pre-ICO launching is slated for 6th March 2018, and Initial Coin Offerings are set to start three weeks later on 27th March 2018.
Since the DIW project’s inception, its founders have been working tirelessly and they have already completed a significant amount of work regarding the project’s concept, its actualization, and the technology behind it, among other things. The team has also completed a huge chunk of working work regarding their partnership composition, advisors, and progressive release of news, articles, videos, announcements. They have also worked on launching a worldwide marketing campaign.

The DIW project supporters are now expecting greatness and more good news from the project. The team behind the project has promised that it is very determined to deliver exactly that. Fans can only wait and see what unfolds.

However, it is reported that currently, there are more partnership announcements solidified in the backgrounds and they will be made public very soon.
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