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DIWtoken.com: ICO ending as project development advances

It’s been a long run but DIW’s phase 3 is coming to an end and the final phase of the ICO is just around the corner. We are excited that we are almost at the last phase of our ICO, because once that’s done, a new chapter for us will begin based on our Roadmap. The team behind the DIW project will be making sure that the project will reach all its pre-set targets and make a name for itself by developing and introducing an unprecedented product in the market.

If you have not become part of the DIW initiative you can still participate and get the extra 6% bonus on top of the final ICO price. For more information please visit DIWtoken.com.

Most of you already know about the integration of DIW Token and Bancor Protocol. We were proud to make this announcement just a few days ago. This action will indeed enhance the value of the DIW Token and of course expand its reach beyond the DIW platform. This partnership will in fact enable all token holders to exchange it with all other integrated ERC20 tokens featured within the Bancor platform, subsequently providing liquidity too. The DIW team is currently looking at other possible high end exchanges to partner with and once this is finalised, we will fill you in with the details.

Something that is constantly on our dear members’ minds, is the status of development regarding the DIW platform. The DIW platform, including the highly secure vault, is one of the most important elements of the entire project, and for this reason, the team has set its sights in designing and developing the vault as well as putting it through its paces making sure that it’s pitch perfect even at its Alpha stage.

We are looking forward to announcing soon, information regarding the Github repository and you will see updates regarding this on a more regular basis as the DIW platform progresses, going through its stages. For now, we are excited to announce that part of the code will soon be available on Github for every one of our members to view.

As the ICO draws closer to its end, you should expect that more news will be coming your way. Thank you for being part of the DIW movement and for helping us decentralising security. Stay tuned for greater things!

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