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DIW Token – The Future of Securing Sensitive Data and the Revolution Brought by Blockchain Technology

DIW Private

There has been a growing need to secure data, especially the ones that pertain financial information. Various technologies have been invented to boost security, and the latest one is DIW Token.

DIW Token plans to introduce a Digital Vault that will be used for storage of super-sensitive data. The vault, which rides on blockchain technology will give users access to a Payment gateway for both the fiat and cryptocurrency. It will also provide a global directory of open business relationships where they will use Escrow services to facilitate all their digital payments. All these will happen in a decentralized network that has independent systems.

DIW has already set up strategic plans that will enable it to achieve these goals. It has initiated crowdfunding that will settle the financial requirement of the project. As per now, the Whitelist Private Period is already underway. This enables early participants to enjoy several preferential treatments and pocket-friendly pricing of the initiative. The Pre-ICO of the project is expected to run from 6th to 20th of March while the ICO will run from 27th of March to 10th April.

Goals of DIW

Here are the main issues that DIW hopes to address:

  • An increase in cases of data breaches

  • The difficulties that come with using cryptocurrencies

  • The increasing cases of online fraud

  • To achieve these goals, DIW hopes to address the following core issues;

    Secure Protocol

    A secure Digital Vault will enable individuals and large organizations to store, maintain and even share their sensitive digital assets. These can be highly sensitive private documents and login information. With this system, users will be able to get out of an ugly situation without dealing with the confusion that comes with a centralized protocol. Containing the damage will be much easier and efficient. Users will also gain access to this system anonymously using their Ethreum wallet address. DIW will give premium members access to hardware wallet, which comes with an extra security layer.

    Payment Gateway

    Since the project will feature a Payment Gateway that will accept both the cryptocurrency and traditional currency, DIW plans to develop an integrated checkout solution. The payment gateway will be compatible with most platforms used in popular Content Management Systems (CMS) for e-commerce websites. Both the owners of these online shops and customers stand to enjoy the benefits that this gateway will provide.

    The system will also enable e-commerce site owners to explore the possibilities of using cryptocurrency as a means of payment. In doing so, they will be able to expand their market and improve their popularity. On the customers’ side, they will be able to enjoy the security and convenience that come with DIW. They will be able to pay for their purchases without having to create an account on a specific e-commerce site. All they will need is to log in to their DIY account. The DIW will then provide all the necessary details and the exact amount of funds that are required for the transaction. All these will be done through a safe and secure system.

    Global Directory

    DIW will feature a global database where both individuals and organizations will stick to their real identity. The identity and verification of users will be done through the KYC documentation. Before being included in this directory, people will have to provide personal details through this documentation. Once you have been added to the database, you will be given a secure digital vault that you will be using to access your account. DIW will also feature a rating system where everyone will be rated based on the levels of trust and reliability.

    Inclusion of an Escrow Service

    To boost the efficiency and reliability of the network, DIW plans to include paid escrow service into the system. This will come in the form of a digital contract that will enable the parties initiating in the transaction to state their terms and expectations. Those involved at the other end of the transactions will be informed about the rules, and funds will only be released once they meet the conditions.

    Plans for DIW

    DIW has visions of including Electronic Health Records (EHRs) in the directory. It hopes to provide a long-lasting solution to the issues surrounding the security of sensitive EHRs. The system will also make it easy for users to share their health records with medical professionals.

    BTCurrencies views this project as a breakthrough in the digital currency and data storage industries. Through this written piece, BTCurrecies.com recommends the DIW solution as it will solve a barrage of problems that we are facing in the digital world.

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