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Casino ZeroEdge.Bet Releases Innovative Blockchain-Based Gambling ICO

Zero Edge Bet


In an effort to create something that has never been done in the gambling industry before, Casino ZeroEdge.Bet has launched an ICO that offers users an open platform for creating online games, the opportunity to play against the house with 0% edge and sports betting with no fee charges.

According to BTCurrencies.com, ZeroEdge.Bet is poised to take over the gambling industry by disrupting one of the most basic fundamental laws in casinos and online gambling sites- the advantage that goes to the house.

2017 has been a statement year for cryptocurrencies in general. Large-scale ICO offerings, the spread of public awareness and criticisms from analysts and financial institutions were just some of the things crypto has experienced. Mainstays such as Bitcoin, Altcoin and others have seen major exposure and adoption while upstart projects enjoyed huge funding for their ICOs, or Initial Coin Offerings from interested parties and investors.

Analysts are divided over the potential and the future of cryptocurrencies. Some experts call crypto the currency of the future while others merely dismiss them as a “bubble”. But the rise of Bitcoin’s price to astronomical heights has made it clear that cryptocoins aren’t going away anytime soon.

BTCurrencies has called it a modern-day Gold Rush. There’s a growing interest in the chance that investors could hit it big. Indeed, cryptos can provide incredible returns when it reaches critical mass and if there’s a significant amount of participation.

If you’re wondering what the next big thing is when it comes to cryptocurrencies and sectors, look no further. Gambling is enjoying a massive surge, and here’s why.

In 2013, more than 50 percent of bitcoin transactions were for gambling. Ever since 2014 there has been around 3.7 million bitcoins that have been used for gambling purposes, which amounts to roughly $37 billion. While it’s certainly true that the gambling industry is still expanding, it’s just one part of a larger picture. But one upstart ICO project is aiming to disrupt the whole industry by fundamentally changing the rules and offering perks and various opportunities along the way.

ZeroEdge.Bet and ZERO Tokens

ZeroEdge.Bet advertises itself as an online casino that uses blockchain-based technology. The online platform mainly uses cryptocurrencies and its value growth as opposed to traditional casinos’ business model which involves making profits solely from playing casino-style games. It’s a revolutionary view of the whole casino industry in particular as the resulting business model leads to the house having a zero-percent edge over the players. The premise is simple- the player stands to have an equal chance of winning against house odds.

Moreover, ZeroEdge.Bet offers a sports-betting platform where there’s no fees involved, which means users can pick out any sports on any league and bet on the outcome. Last but not the least, ZeroEdge.Bet is providing an open-source platform for those who are interested in building online games.

Why does BTCurrencies recommend the ICO? According to Zero Edge CEO Adrian Casey, it’s all about coming up with a solution to an age-old gambling problem. Current gambling platforms operate in a profit-driven business model where the players need to pay in order to play. The Zero Edge team has created a model where players won’t need to charge a participation fee; in the traditional model’s place is a closed loop economy made viable with crypto-based tokens.

The token is called ZERO, and it can be used on all betting games available on the site. The number of ZERO tokens is finite and rises in value while adoption and demand for it grows over time. Aside from being a usable form of currency for betting, ZERO token holders can use the crypto as a long-term investment platform.

ZeroEdge.Bet has recently announced the first ZERO token introduction in the Blockchain Summit of Kyiv in 2017. In the presentation the team has outlined the problem that surrounds online gambling industries and the market in particular.

Furthermore, the ZeroEdge team proposed a solution where smart contracts and blockchain could be used to create an efficient, sustainable and socially responsible gambling platform that benefits both gambling operators and their users.

Initial Coin Offering for the ZERO tokens are set to begin this month. The tokens will be open to investors during this time at a discounted price. As of the moment there are more than 8,000 token adaptors who have signed up for the Pre-ICO whitelist and secured a position in the investment phase.
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