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A quick conversation with XinFin’s Blockchain Advisor – Jason Butcher

Q&A with Jason Butcher and Sydney Ifergan, Advisor at XinFin

XinFin is a Singapore based Blockchain Technology company working in international trade and finance sector. It has shared the news of the appointment of a seasoned Entrepreneur, Jason Butcher, to its advisory board on Feb 24, 2018. Jason Butcher is a well-known Entrepreneur and COO of CoinPayments, who has decided to join XinFin as an independent advisor. Jason is an active Blockchain Advisor at XinFin to help the company with blockchain strategies and shape decentralized applications using blockchains and smart contracts.

He has almost three decades of experience in setting up successful businesses around the globe within various industries and marketplaces such as Canada, South and Central America, Australia, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Monaco and so on. He has a keen interest in sectors like Financial Services, Marketing, Fintech, Payments Industry, Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain.

Sydney Ifergan: Welcome to XinFin Jason and thank you for giving our readers a chance to know you better by agreeing to this interview today. I would like you to share a little about your vision as an Entrepreneur and your thoughts on why you decide to join XinFin’s Family.

Jason Butcher: Thanks for your warm welcome and as you pointed out, I am associated with various industries and like to get involved in the areas where I find some intrinsic value in the business approach. About joining XinFin, I really think that this company has the potential to fully utilize the benefits of the blockchain technology and to grow with lightning speed.

As far as Blockchain industry is considered, not many companies are evolved to handle the responsibility or to scale much higher. The inherent transparent nature of blockchain still scares many business owners.

According to me, XinFin work is remarkable. Deploying Blockchain solutions in international trade and finance sector was an essential step towards development and XinFin has emerged as a leader by offering its ground-breaking hybrid blockchain platform known as TradeFinex. This platform has XDC01 powered protocol and can offer both token-based and non-token solutions to encourage business process efficiency. The end results of using this platform will be the efficient deployment of capital which will help people undertake projects without any extra burden on the government treasury. Also, organizations will get secure and profitable business solutions to increase their productivity.

I appreciate how XinFin has stayed focused on its objectives while launching its utility token – XDCE. This ERC20 token will offer numerous rewards to contractors, suppliers and established business partners.

Sydney Ifergan: Thanks for sharing your valuable insights on XinFin. What do think of XinFin’s achievements so far and what would you suggest going forward?

Jason Butcher: I agree that Blockchain technology is still getting evolved and has a long way to go before it can change the way business is done around the world. I think what XinFin is offering to the blockchain community has greater value for the entire ecosystem. I support XinFin’s latest ICO announcement. XDC protocol can support KYC layer, smart contracts layer, cost stability and AML layer by using the fund from its hedge pool of current cryptocurrencies on TradeFinex platform. The XDC protocol can support imminent nationally issued cryptocurrencies also as it supports FIAT payment procedures.

XinFin is focused on improving Business Process Efficiency and has installed Blockchain solutions for global trading and finance sector. XinFin has also introduced safe, permissioned and commercial grade Hybrid Blockchain architecture. XinFin wishes to remove the international infrastructural deficit with TradeFinex marketplace platform. It will offer the required tools to implement Blockchain driven peer-to-peer trade and finance contracts between governments, organizations, buyers and suppliers. It will help in an efficient deployment of investment and undertaking of infrastructure schemes without encumbering the government reserves.

Sydney Ifergan: I must say it is always very exciting to have a conversation with you. I will look forward to getting a chance of sharing new ideas again. Now as we have reached the final segment of our interview, do you have any queries that you would like to ask before bidding adieu to our readers?

Jason Butcher: Well, I really do not have any queries. I applaud the way XinFin has very clearly projected the work that it has been doing with blockchain technology. It offers great vision in its products. I wish that they keep growing and do not get disrupted with fluctuating technology market.

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