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FundFantasy: Analyzing a Top Quality ICO

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In a field crowded with innovative ideas and first-of-its-kind initiatives, FundFantasy stands out. This platform is the first to take the core philosophy of cryptocurrency to the world of trading through a clever concept: Competition in which skill is the only factor, can bring fairness and lower risk to portfolio trading while users have fun crafting their own portfolios. Leveraging smart contracts, provable fairness and cryptocurrency, FundFantasy has increased its appeal to multiple audiences; its message is quickly gaining notoriety. Here are the 10 main reasons why this transformative platform is getting strong support from the markets.

Development: The Foundation for FundFantasy’s Success

A transformative concept must rest on carefully designed implementation to maximize its potential in the markets. Development is the key to achieving that. The FundFantasy team knows this, so they have paid attention to every single detail in the creation of their platform. Their developers are working hard to keep on perfecting and testing the platform to deliver the kind of top-notch product users deserve. This meticulous attention to detail in the development of FundFantasy’s platform will spill over into its mobile version, which was already released, despite being due in Q3 2018.

This achievement also shows FundFantasy’s commitment to its users in terms of how it approached the development of the platform. The project’s founders funded the development of the platform before the ICO. This allowed them to deliver on their product quickly. The result is a fantastic platform that is already live.

Users are Coming!

Another advantage of this approach is that users can already enjoy the platform even before the ICO is over. FundFantasy’s platform was unveiled a month ago and it already has 1,000 active users. This provides FundFantasy with more feedback to keep on perfecting it and shows everyone else that there is a product they can use now. No one has to wait for months to see what FundFantasy will look like; anyone can take a look and use the platform now.

Practice Makes Perfect!

In the meantime, FundFantasy is boosting its effort on the platform’s security, testing it constantly to protect the users and guarantee it will function as advertised. This will shorten the time it will take for FundFantasy to get its final product to market. It will also ensure that malicious actors will not be able to take advantage of it.

Every Aspect About FundFantasy was Designed with the User in Mind

The platform’s development shows how FundFantasy always has the user in mind; its ICO proves that this philosophy goes beyond product development. Users who participate in the ICO will benefit from a pro-rated token airdrop proportional to the number of tokens they purchased, if the ICO does not sell out. Founders, advisors and other partners will be excluded from this airdrop, ensuring that contributors – who are the core of FundFantasy’s community – get more. This prevents dilution, which benefits ICO participants.

Users Can Take the Lead!

An additional aspect of FundFantasy’s platform that puts the user at the center of its activity, is a function that allows users to open their own contests on the platform. Any project can enable such a function, but few would design it like FundFantasy is designing it. Users who would like to open their own contest, will earn a part of the rake. This tool shows FundFantasy’s adherence to core cryptocurrency values, and its deployment will benefit its users greatly.

Handle Your Tokens with Coinomi

Another feature that shows how FundFantasy prioritizes the needs of its users above everything else, has to do with the wallets they can use to store their tokens in. FundFantasy forged a partnership with Coinomi, which enabled FundFantasy’s FUNDZ trading and storage on its wallet. Coinomi is one of the most renowned wallets in the space, which will make it easy for users to engage with the FundFantasy platform, trade tokens and store their funds safely. Coinomi also enabled a single click contribution button for the FundFantasy ICO, showing the depth of this partnership.

Success Brings More Success

Other companies are taking notice of these advantages, leading to more fruitful partnerships. FundFantasy has already signed an agreement with Advancements TV and Ted Danson. They will be sending a team to Tel Aviv in April to record a segment about FundFantasy for Ted Danson’s show. Other networks are also interested in covering FundFantasy’s success. The project will have promotional content aired on networks like CNBC, ESPN, CNN and others.

Powerful Partnerships

Another partner that noticed FundFantasy’s potential is Chengfeng Huan, who is an Asian billionaire that owns a commodity trading platform with more than 200,000 registered users in China. Chengfeng Huan is also a major shareholder of a digital currency/asset exchanger in Singapore, making him an extremely important strategic partner.

FundFantasy’s Audience

The fundamentals of the project, its user-centric design in every possible aspect and these partnerships, highlight the projects advantages. FundFantasy’s audience highlights its market potential. This project appeals to a very diverse cohort of users world-wide. From gamers to online traders, passing through every single shade of cryptocurrency and financial market enthusiast, everyone will have something to be excited about once they start using the FundFantasy platform. Basically, if you like gaming, be it poker, fantasy sports or eSports, or if you like trading, be it options trading, forex, CFDs or even cryptocurrency trading, you will find a niche to test your skills and make money while you are at it on FundFantasy.

Users Love it!

Trading and gaming enthusiasts from all over the spectrum are already raving about the FundFantasy platform. They can’t keep their minds off this transformative platform that allows them to test their skills while they make money. If you are a trader, a gamer or a cryptocurrency enthusiast, then you should check what the buzz is all about. Go ahead, join the FundFantasy community and take your skills to the next level!

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