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Digital Security-Oriented ICO DIW Token Successfully Completes First Project Developmental Milestones

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Highly anticipated DIW Token has recently concluded its first milestones in terms of completing keystones in project development.
The ICO revolves around the concept of disrupting current digital security platforms. DIW Token will power a blockchain-based global platform where users can safely exchange private or sensitive data, funds and services with one another. Each DIW token member will have their own secure vault where they can store and leave private or sensitive data. The DIW project also aims to roll out an integrated checkout system for e-commerce websites who accept cryptocurrency as form of payment for a better user experience.

DIW token creators ultimately intend to disrupt the medical industry by introducing a secure digital platform for storing sensitive patient information and electronic health records. Interested parties can visit the official website at https://DIWtoken.com to learn more.

About DIW Token

The DIW ICO project is being headed by an organization called Alcaeus Labs. Stephanos Constantinou, co-founder and CEO of Alcaeus Labs, mentioned in this press release that the team is very excited about the progression of the cryptocurrency and the direction that it has taken. Furthermore, Constantinou states that in the end, DIW tokens will have far-reaching global effects in terms of digital security.

DIW token’s blockchain technology offers a revolutionary platform in terms of securing corporate and private information, data and funding. The team has all agreed that they are in the right direction and that DIW is opening up a world of infinite possibilities.

As of the moment, the DIW ICO is offering 700 million tokens that will be available to buy during the crowdfunding event. The crypto project has recently entered the Whitelist Participation Phase, a period where interested parties and participants may receive the max amount of tokens per ETH. The pre-ICO event takes place starting on March 6, 2018 until March 20, 2018, while the official ICO offering takes place starting March 27, 2018 until April 10, 2018.

Interested parties may visit https://DIWtoken to find out the specifics regarding the blockchain-based project.

Some of the most notable DIW milestones include the Whitepaper release, an official video launching the ICO token project, the official website launch, numerous positive reviews from site authorities and crypto experts, the much-awaited launch of DIW Telegram Group and Channel, the launch of the Bounty campaign and Announcement thread within the BitcoinTalk Forum and active participation in various popular social media sites such as Reddit, Facebook, etc.

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