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Davinci II emerges from Gravity4

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With one day to go for the Public Crowdsale of the ICO, having raised over $10 m. in five private sales through discounted offerings, Gravity4 is evolving to Davinci II, possibly indicating that it is ready to take its next step in full stride.

The revamped website is supposed to go live next week, after its public ICO on January 30.

Gravity4, the world’s first high-frequency machine-learning marketing OS, was built to elevate the advertising and SaaS industries. It collates customer experience so marketers can target a customer throughout the entire purchase process, regardless of delivery channel.

During its journey in the past years, Gravity4 has aggressively acquired several small advertising technology companies, in an aim to create the “enterprise app center” of tools that it would provide free to advertisers, offering social, web, email, mobile, CRM, search and location data, with large saving potentials.

Back in September last year, Gravity4 became the world’s first marketing platform to offer advertising services to be paid for through cryptocurrency, paving the way to the future possibilities of digital advertising.

The Lydian token was introduced with intent to solve the problem of flat channels which utilize archaic methods, by providing access to the aggregated platform, driven by machine learning and AI, to deliver advanced digital marketing services without middlemen, saving costs and efficiency.

Gravity4 has attempted to pioneer the future of advertising delivery and blockchain, through the announcements of Mona Lisa, its proprietary AI technology. Mona Lisa leverages machine-learning algorithms to predict what media channels will achieve the best results for programmatic advertising. Customers can input data such as consumer demographics, interests, and purchasing history, and Mona Lisa applies a deep-learning neural network to display the most relevant and cost-effective marketing channels.

The platform’s constant in- stream of data are sorted into a semantic graph to form connection clusters, using the correlation variables. All through a single click, it empowers agencies and marketers to allow connected software to optimize a manually driven $200 billion global advertising market.

MonaChain is the blockchain based system that will, in concert work with MonaLisa, provide optimized ad placement services designed to avoid common forms of ad fraud. It will later be opened to allow non-Lydian users to utilize the power of MonaChain for an additional cost.

Digital ad fraud is expected to cost brands $16.4 billion globally this year. Using MonaBrowse, a user may purchase an ad-free browsing experience across multiple platforms and devices without the need to download new browsers, or adjust their existing behaviors.

In 2016, PageFair predicted the global cost of ad blocking would rise to $41.4 billion for publishers. All these offerings have come to tie themselves together, through the Lydian token.

Observing the vast amount of services Davinci II has come to offer, perhaps the name also better suits the portfolio. Now only observing time will see whether the impact will size up to the intent and name. Bill Gates did say that AI will redefine the work environment of the future.

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