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BTCurrencies.com excited about FIRST A.I. Big Data Marketing Cloud for Blockchain “Lydian”

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Lydian is FIRST A.I. Big Data Marketing Cloud for Blockchain which is set to revolutionize digital marketing for ICOs through state of the art and affordable marketing services that will optimize the efficacy of the advertising campaigns.

The current blockchain community is fast moving on its way to a landmark revolution – courtesy a newly announced cryptocurrency token Lydian. Leading digital currency online news portal BTCurrencies.com has already expressed high hopes about lydian and believes the latest token is the next big thing in the world of blockchain. According to reports from the website, Lydian is the FIRST A.I. Big Data Marketing Cloud for Blockchain which is going to redefine the scenario of digital marketing for the ICOs and better.


In order to solve the speed & security issues, Lydian’s R&D team has employed its own Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) immutable ledger, The Whisper Network Protocol. It is an alternative protocol to blockchain, a ledger system that contains no cycles as it uses each transaction on its chain to solve the one prior. Lydian’s two products, MonaChain and MonaBrowse will now utilize the DAG protocol on WNP which will support the speed, security, and consensus while transactions fees are kept de minimis. In a relative example, to use blockchain to service digital marketing platform needs (a sector that runs billions of transactions) would be similar as if an attempt to use a dial-up modem to stream Netflix.


Lydian Token is based on ERC20 protocol and is compatible with existent Ethereum-related infrastructure. It’s presently in the pre-ICO stage with a current pre-sale price of $0.475 per token, at 5 percent discounted rate. The minimum purchase value of LydianCoin is 70 LDN which is equal to $35 ($33.25 with 5 percent discount during pre-sale stage).


LDN (LydianCoin) is a state of the art utility token which has been launched to save the blockchain community from unnecessary splurges in archaic digital marketing campaigns.


“An average ICO spends between $100,000-$500,000 in internet marketing campaigns for token sale. The problem is ICO issuers mostly count on outdated advertising methods like pricey ad networks or direct placement on crypto-theme sites. These dated strategies fail to inspire and engage a large pool of customers. Even after the sale, the cryptocurrency companies continue with digital marketing to fetch customers when their product is built. Now, all these leads to higher customer acquisition cost compared to the previous spends on digital marketing for token sale. And this is where LydianCoin comes to the rescue”, stated the report from BTCurrencies on Lydian.


LDN can be referred to as a utility token which extends state of the art cryptocurrency-enabled purchase of A.I. driven targeted digital marketing and advertising services to crypto-community. These digital marketing services are offered under Gravity4 (G4) Corporate Family.

The G4 Marketing Cloud embodies an exclusive marketing technology stack which collates customer experiences and allows marketers to target audience all through the whole purchase journey & across every touch-point- irrespective of delivery channel. At the heart of G4 is its proprietary A.I. technology, “MonaLisa” which handles the task of aggregating big data from several channels and uses G4’s Marketing Cloud to build target audience groups. The platform sorts its constantly streaming data into an organized semantic graph – with the help of correlation variables to build connection clusters.

Gravity4’s cutting edge digital marketing services are already deployed by several Fortune 1000 firms and luxury brands across the world via its value-stabilized cryptocurrency Lydian.

“Interestingly, Lydian token holders will be able to redeem their tokens from the first day only to purchase digital marketing cloud services. With LDN, you are guaranteed of market-tested, proven software and services based on years of collected marketing placement & customer interaction data to leverage efficacy of advertising campaigns. Moreover, you are also assured of disintermediation of advertising by removal of middlemen which otherwise hike the costs of marketing campaigns & drain efficiency from these campaigns and also support from MonaLisa”, noted Kamal Kaur, an advertising veteran and the Chairwoman and CEO of Lydian.


To ensure most effective marketing of a token sale, Lydian will develop customer audience campaigns across several programmatic portals and devices. It aims to target mass audience across vast and versatile range of mediums such as social networks, blockchain communities, search, niche content, native supply, video and mobile.


As per further statements from Kamal Kaur, Lydian will extend customized services for different stages of brand marketing – Peer Review, Token Planning, Token Execution and Product Adoption.


Interested investors can purchase LDNs through cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, NEO, LISK, NEM, ZCash, Monero as well as USD and many more.


For more information, please visit https://lydian.io

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