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Bitxoxo ropes in ICO expert Sydney Ifergan as senior advisor

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Bitxoxo is the fastest growing cryptocurrency exchange which allows users to buy/sell and also gift Bitcoins easily to family and friends in just minutes. It has come up with some of the most revolutionary and ambitious projects.

Cryto community veteran Sydney Ifergan has recently joined rising Bitcoin platform bitxoxo.com.au, reports BTCurrencies.com. A promising name in the world of digital currency, Bitxoxo is the fastest growing cryptocurrency exchange that is soon to come up with a wide range of state of the art projects.

Bitxoxo is soon to launch its Pre-ICO on April 18, 2018. The platform is offering a 25% discount on the token price during Pre-ICO sale which comes to- $1.5/XOXO (Bitxoxo token).

Sydney Ifergan has expressed great excitement about his role as an advisor in a state of the art crypto platform. The company was founded in 2016 and within just less than 2 years it has been able to earn the support of more than 100K active customers. While asked to say a few lines about Bitxoxo, Sydney said:

“I am really excited to join Bitxoxo and that too for all the great reasons. The platform is founded a highly experienced team who commands 15 years of comprehensive experience in cryptocurrency trading. Then, Bitxoxo stands out in the competition with its whopping 10x faster transaction speed that allows it to process thousands of trade in just a second. It uses an advanced automated system that can process all buying/selling trades instantly in real-time. I am impressed with Bitxoxo’s flexible interface that assures easy trading and its mobile-optimised structure which allows users, authorizers and referrers to work easily from any mobile device while on-the-go. Most importantly, the platform’s upcoming cutting-edge projects further inspired me to join the ambitious Bitxoxo team.”

According to BTCurrencies.com, Bitxoxo exchange has plans to offer the broadest range of services for people in India. It will allow users to buy/sell as well as even gift Bitcoins easily to family and friends in just minutes.

One of the most innovative projects to be funded by Bitxoxo is Bitcoin Physical Gift Card. In fact, Bitxoxo is the first company in the world to launch such a Bitcoin gift card. Other ambitious projects that are on the radar are-

  • Free Bitxoxo app for both iOS and Android users to assure hassle-free trading while on the go
  • PoS System for Merchants
  • Bitcoin Payment Gateway for online stores, recharges, travel portals and so on
  • Bitcoin Cash E-University Certification Program to educate about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology
  • Bitxoxo Incubator that will support blockchain startups worldwide with seed investment

Bitxoxo has also launched the FIRST ICO launchpad service in the country through which users can invest into ICO’s enlisted on the platform’s ICO Launchpad.


For more information, please visit https://bitxoxo.exchange/.

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