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BTCurrencies rooting for Kakushin token for innovators in need of fund support

Kakushin token

Kakushin is a state of the art blockchain platform which is committed to help inventors gather required funding so that they can give a concrete shape to their inventions and also deliver them before consumers in an easy marketplace.

Innovators struggling for funding to bring their ideas into reality can finally heave a sigh of relief. New Ethereum platform Kakushin has developed a revolutionary single globally-sourced decentralized blockchain ecosystem which is dedicated to help innovators gather funds for their research projects. Top cryptocurrency news platform BTCurrencies.com is all praise for the Kakushin token and is highly recommending the token for inventors and cryptocurrency investors.

Kakushin has already launched its private pre-sale which is going to run till April 30. The KKN price for private pre-sale is $0.009.

Kakushin Pre-ICO is also scheduled to be launched soon on May 1 and will continue to run till May 31. The KKN price during Pre-ICO phase is $0.03.

“Kakushin envisions a world where every innovator will have easy access to funds needed for research and development as well as access to a proper production unit which can convert the innovative ideas into concrete product. The platform also aims to provide a marketplace for inventors where they can conveniently sell their groundbreaking products to consumers. Kakushin Ecosystem aspires to create the perfect environment to give birth to, nurture & flourish a futuristic idea. Put simply, the state of the art Ethereum platform unlocks immense potential and opportunities for researchers, seekers, innovators, inventors and developers”, read the report about Kakushin on BTCurrencies.com.

Kakushin recognizes the usual problem of inventors in gathering adequate funds for their research and development works. Human beings are naturally phobic to try out new things which are not been tested yet and are not handed down by an authentic authority. Such aversion to novel untested ideas prevents inventors from gathering the needed financial backup to turn their innovative ideas to reality. Moreover, the failed & fraudulent crowdfunding projects and ICOs have further made people apprehensive about embracing new ideas.

Kakushin is aimed to eliminate such issues for innovators with its blockchain ecosystem that is designed to collaborate and innovate on intellectual property. The ecosystem extends 3 main advantages-

Allows Innovative product creators to reach out to new audiences and funding opportunities and garner assistance from various advisers- all the while lowering their overhead.

  • For the first time, innovation backers will be able to receive value equity on their payments
  • Allows innovation advisors & moderators and specialists worldwide to achieve adequate value in lieu of their contributions.

The KKN token can be purchased with various currencies including BTC, ETH, BCH, DASH and LTC.

For more information, please visit http://www.kakushin.tech

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